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1 Nov 19, 2007 01:20    

Version: 2.1.0-beta
File: plugins/_quicktags.plugin.php

It would be really handy to make the Url button ask for the name of the web link as well as the url. For example (around line 373):

                function b2evoInsertLink(myField, i, defaultValue)
                        if (!defaultValue)
                                defaultValue = 'http://';

                        if (!b2evoCheckOpenTags(i)) {
                                var URL = prompt( '<?php echo T_('URL') ?>:', defaultValue);
                                var NAME = prompt( '<?php echo T_('Link name') ?>:', '');
                                if (URL)
                                        b2evoButtons[i].tagStart = '<a href="' + URL + '">';
                                        if (NAME)
                                                b2evoButtons[i].tagStart += NAME + '</a>';
                                        b2evoInsertTag(myField, i);

The only problem with this is that the link is finished but the button label reads "/link", but I'm sure that someone of your talents can sort that out ;)

2 Jan 19, 2008 07:54

Wow what a great idea! I know this is kinda old, but kudos for a good suggestion and most of the implementation of it. Getting rid of the /link is easy believe it or not. Maybe as a new button like "!L" perhaps indicating it is one of those "self closing" buttons?

Anyway great suggestion and thanks for the head start on the code.

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