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1 Nov 23, 2007 23:21    

An Admin facility to keep track of all those little things you have tweaked, code you have changed, reminders about core file hacks or bugs you have found.
Invision Board have a simple version of this with a "save notes" button

2 Nov 23, 2007 23:39

B2evo has a simpler one, it's called notepad :P

Ideally you shouldn't be hacking/tweaking the core as everything would be settings that were preserved through an upgrade

.... in the meantime there's notepad :p


3 Nov 23, 2007 23:51

Well, that killed that idea pretty quick :)
I'll just start an Admin only blog and post the myriad of tweaks, edits etc etc that are part of pre release versions.

4 Nov 23, 2007 23:56

Assuming yer admin only blog survives the next upgrade, that's probably a sensible idea ;)


5 Nov 24, 2007 00:13

Does pages work for this? An admin blog means you can do it privately. I'm not sure if pages let you make a private or protected page. Haven't played with it much...

I used to always put the same note in the top of any file I hacked that said something like "HACKED FILE AT function whatever_it_was" or sometimes "around line 1380" so that I would know where I did damage. It helped, but when the whole structure of the files changes (rarely and recently) my method gave me no clue as to what core functionality I tweaked. Fortunately it's been very little since the end of the 0.* generation ...

7 Nov 24, 2007 02:48

Nice extension, thanks Afwas

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