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1 Nov 24, 2007 00:05    

The idea is that a skinner has in mind a certain look for a blog. A blogger can do what he/she/it sees fit, but it starts with what the skinner wants it to be. So what I would like to see is the ability to set the default widgets for each container as part of the skin. For example I make a skin that has the bloglist in the sidebar. Someone downloads my skin, install it, and previews it. They should see my skin the way I intended even if their blog->widget configuration has the bloglist in the header. Something like

$skin_default_widgets_sidebar = 'bloglist, long description, calendar, linkblog,user tools, xml stuff';

After they click the skin image (because they love my skin - of course) they should be presented with a choice between "accept skin's widgets" or "use current blog's widgets".

Also, I should be able to set params for any given widget. For example my

skin_container( NT_('Sidebar')

might say

'block_start' => '<div class="bSideItem">'

but for my linkblog widget in my sidebar I might want

'block_start' => '<div class="bLinkblog">'

because I want my linkblog's font size to be smaller than the rest of the sidebar. Or whatever.

4 Dec 04, 2007 03:10

Hmmm... You've got my vote...


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