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1 Nov 27, 2007 00:10    

When I posted a page in blog #7 it showed up in the sidebar of blog #1, presumably because blog #1 aggregates posts from most other blogs. It did not show up in the post list (main body) of course.

I guess some pages might be globally inspiring, but to me most are probably going to be unique to the blog. "About me" being about each blogger on their own blog for example. It wouldn't make sense to have all those pages show up on an aggregator blog eh?

So I request that pages be excluded from aggregation, meaning they only show up on the blog they were created in.

2 Jan 14, 2009 21:39

Ed, I agree totally, but it looks like your suggestion hasn't been implemented yet.

It makes no sense to have pages appearing in the aggregated views.



3 Jan 15, 2009 15:14

Hum.. I will take a look on this

4 Jan 16, 2009 01:53

Actually given some thought there are times where one might want a page-type to aggregate. "How to register" for example. In a real-world example on a blog I upgraded from 1.10.3 to 2.4.5 (12 hours before 2.4.6 came out - of course) I have a page on a lesser blog that aggregated to blog 1 and I was kinda happy about that.

So it's a bit complicated eh?

Perhaps when one saves a page-type they get a "one more thing" screen that asks if it should be aggregated along with post-types IF this particular blog is aggregated into other blogs?

Alternatively when one types up their list of blogs to aggregate a checkbox that says "include page-types" would be kinda cool. Easier to code too :)

Anyway if it has to be one way or the other I'd prefer to see it not aggregate page-types ... even though I have a page on #12 that I'm glad aggregates to #1.

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