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1 Nov 26, 2007 17:54    

I want to using b2 in my Farsi weblog.
I did these:
1- edited tables and set charset of some fileds to utf-unicode
2- changed charset in en locale to UTF-8
3- changed direction of lines in installed skin to rtl
This is my website:
b2 shown user name and post content like : "????? ??? ????" but post title and other texts shown correctly.
Please see my blog and help me.

2 Nov 26, 2007 18:05

Hi shihan,

Nice to see some *really* foreign laguages on B2evo blogs. B)

Did you do the steps from this HOWTO? [url=]HOW-TO: Configure b2evolution for non-English posts[/url].

1- edited tables and set charset of some fileds to utf-unicode

This looks OK to me, but what tables do you mean?

Please report back to this topic, whether you succeed right away or not.

Good luck

3 Nov 27, 2007 15:47

My default database charset was latin and i have to change some tables charset such as items,blogs,categories &....
Today, i changed the default DB charset and installed b2evo again and all tables charset are Unicode now.
I want to read "Configure b2evolution for non-English posts" now. i didn't see that topic before! :D

4 Nov 27, 2007 16:03

Thank you. my blog work well.
And Farsi thank with latin chars:
Dastet dard nakone. blog man be khoobi kar mikone
With Farsi chars:
دستت درد نكنه. بلاگ من به خوبي كار مي كنه

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