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Problem with farsi "امي&a

Started by on Nov 26, 2007 – Contents updated: Nov 26, 2007

Nov 26, 2007 17:54    

I want to using b2 in my Farsi weblog.
I did these:
1- edited tables and set charset of some fileds to utf-unicode
2- changed charset in en locale to UTF-8
3- changed direction of lines in installed skin to rtl
This is my website:
b2 shown user name and post content like : "????? ??? ????" but post title and other texts shown correctly.
Please see my blog and help me.

Nov 26, 2007 18:05

Hi shihan,

Nice to see some *really* foreign laguages on B2evo blogs. B)

Did you do the steps from this HOWTO? [url=]HOW-TO: Configure b2evolution for non-English posts[/url].

1- edited tables and set charset of some fileds to utf-unicode

This looks OK to me, but what tables do you mean?

Please report back to this topic, whether you succeed right away or not.

Good luck

Nov 27, 2007 15:47

My default database charset was latin and i have to change some tables charset such as items,blogs,categories &....
Today, i changed the default DB charset and installed b2evo again and all tables charset are Unicode now.
I want to read "Configure b2evolution for non-English posts" now. i didn't see that topic before! :D

Nov 27, 2007 16:03

Thank you. my blog work well.
And Farsi thank with latin chars:
Dastet dard nakone. blog man be khoobi kar mikone
With Farsi chars:
دستت درد نكنه. بلاگ من به خوبي كار مي كنه

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