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1 Jan 13, 2008 14:24    

hello guys ,

if seen this in the language section

" We also have an PO file for Arabic provided by Majed A. It is not packaged into a language pack though. Can someone who speaks the language look into this? "

i speak the language , i can translate , and im a programmer :) so i think i can help

whats the problem , not fully translated , or something messing ,
pleas explain more , so i can make the Arabic language right ,
im downloading the package now , and see what it is ,

2 Jan 13, 2008 14:59

Hi gfather,

Welcome to the forum.
There is a language pack [url=]here[/url]. I do not know if the post you mention is about the same language pack.
This is for B2evo version 0.9. This means it is compatible with newer versions, but you will notice no new strings are not translated yet. 0.9 being really old, there are a lot of blank lines ;)

If you want to help, thanks. In [url=]the manual[/url] you find a page about translations. Translations are done with [url=]poedit[/url]. It loads both the English file from a recent B2evo version as well as the Arabic language file. Do have a look.

Good luck

3 Jan 13, 2008 22:39

hay man ,
thanks for replaying and thanks for the direction ,

i think im gonna do a new translation :)

i hope its gonna make 2bevo more popular in Arabic region

i think is that , which version should i translate , or it dosent matter as its done with poedit


not: i just tried this guys po , "We also have an PO file for Arabic provided by Majed A. It is not packaged into a language pack though. Can someone who speaks the language look into this?"

its in " Language packs for versions 1.10.x"
and the po didn't do anything

im sure i installed it right, very easy , i don't thing i missed something ( strange )

4 Jan 13, 2008 22:56

Always the latest release is the best to translate. Currently that would be v230RC1. This way you won't spend time on phrases that are no longer needed and you will get all the phrases that are part of the newest package.

5 Jan 13, 2008 23:04

i opened the translated file in poedit , and it looks ok , strange the blog didn't take it , is the glopal.php important ?

strange it wont change to any other language , ill download ant try the rc
im testing on local using xampp

6 Jan 13, 2008 23:23

You must extract your .po file to make changes.

open /conf/_locales.php
change this string in the bottom of that file

$allow_po_extraction = 1;

Now go to Global settings -> Regional -> Show translation info

then you will see extract link

Good luck

7 Jan 13, 2008 23:32

just did that , show translation , and gave me green 100% , thats cool . but when i set the language from the " blog settings > General > main local , and set it to ar ( Arabic ) , nothing is changed at the index.php , i even tried the French , because it comes there already , same thing , no errors , nothing .,

$locales = array(
'ar-AR' => array( 'name' => NT_('Arabic (AR)'),
'charset' => 'utf-8',
'datefmt' => 'd-m-y',
'timefmt' => 'H:i:s',
'startofweek' => 1,
'messages' => 'ar_AR',
'enabled' => 1,

im sure i dont have nay error here ,
and i created a file called in locals\ar_AR\LC_MESSAGES\messages.po

anything im missing ?

8 Jan 13, 2008 23:38

Check if you have this file

/locales/ar_AR/_global.php on your server and if it contains all your changes

10 Jan 13, 2008 23:44

try to create this file and give write perms.

then extract your .po

11 Jan 13, 2008 23:51

You will see the error

The file «C:/wamp/www/blogs/locales/ru_RU/_global.php» is not writable.

or if you did everything right...

Sources and number of strings:

    * a_noskin.php = 4
    * conf/ = 105
    * contact.php = 4
    * cron/ = 44
    * default.php = 20
    * htsrv/ = 81
    * inc/ = 1811
    * install/ = 129
    * multiblogs.php = 6
    * plugins/ = 109
    * skins/ = 121
    * skins_adm/ = 85
    * summary.php = 3

12 Jan 14, 2008 00:02

it worked ( seems extract here means to install ( or to insert the language in the php files ) )( never thought of that :) )

, i don't have write perms problem , as im testing on windows pc.,

at utf-8 encoding it gives ????? ????? characters

at windows-1256 gave me a real long page of errors :)

so , whats the next move

13 Jan 14, 2008 00:11

All your text from .po was written in one file _global.php, no other files were touched

Ok, no about utf-8

Is your b2evo DB in utf-8 ?

If it is, open /conf/_locales.php and change this

$force_io_charset_if_accepted = 'utf-8';
$db_config['connection_charset'] = 'utf8';

If it's not in utf-8 you, probably, need to install anew

15 Jan 14, 2008 00:31

I mean if the system runs on localhost to test the language. The easiest way is to drop tables and install again.

16 Jan 14, 2008 00:47

my database is utf-8 Smile


$force_io_charset_if_accepted = 'utf-8';
$db_config['connection_charset'] = 'utf8';

worked , but onnlly on some places , other places like admin area , and posts heading and post content didnt take the effect , onnly the translated stuff is right

i think i should repeat the code in other files , rite

19 Jan 14, 2008 01:04

Afwas : i already did that :)


sam : delete pre-rendered cache , didnt work

20 Jan 14, 2008 01:12

You might use the old .po from other translated version...

Did you synchronized your .po file with /locales/messages.pot ?

21 Jan 14, 2008 01:17

no , i didn't , it supose tro be the latest , but its not working rite, the admin is still full English

but thats not what is bothering me , , the posts i put in the admin shows " ????? "

and on the index shows " ?????????"

ill post an image so u can understand

23 Jan 14, 2008 01:51

That's all admin/blogger input. I refer to the link to the HOWTO I gave in an earlier post. Even if the Database is setup as UTF-8, probably the tables are not.

Your blog has no posts you want to keep, so try to install anew. Now choose a language that us in UTF-8. I believe Chinese is. Never mind the Chinese part, you can change that. It's the UTF-8 you are after ;)

Good luck

24 Jan 14, 2008 02:07

so i removed the old database as u want :)

new installation ( that Arabic language was there ) chosed the arabic lang , moved with the installation ( admin and every thing was translated rite ( but the translation is not perfect ( very hard to understand from someone who speaks tha language looool )

again , when i post something its still ????????

so im trying the chines rite now

my bad forget to set the databse to the utf-8 unicode

25 Jan 14, 2008 02:17

so , now every thing seems to be going good

i should edit the translation , and re correct it , as the terms used in it , its like "if the English was used in b2evo was by shakespeare " how u think its gonna look like ,

so my work starts here :)

sorry for taking ur time guys, but i needed to get customed to the script , as u know , these days , every script works by its framework ,

so i hope i can do a good job here , thanks allot , and maybe u can add my translation to the release package ,

im gonna install the rc now , so i can work on it , so it will be more compatible , with future releases

thaaaanks allot :)

26 Jan 14, 2008 02:29

And there *is* a Right to Left option somewhere 8|

27 Jan 14, 2008 02:48

you mean text-align:right ( rtl ) ???

yah , for sure that would be great for me , better than editing the css, or the php files

28 Jan 14, 2008 02:53

Afwas wrote:

And there *is* a Right to Left option somewhere 8|

Would you believe it's in my skin?????? I have a butchered version of 'basin' and thought it would be cool to make the posts with the black backgrounds go RTL. The solution was found on these forums I believe. Anyway this is what comes from my CSS file:

/* for kicks this will reverse everything in a black post
.bPostBlack, .bPostBlack h2.bTitle, .bPostBlack .bText p, .bPostBlack .bSmallPrint {
direction: rtl;
text-align: right;
unicode-bidi: bidi-override;
} */

29 Jan 14, 2008 03:14

There is a variable. /conf/_locales.php looks like a neat place to tug it away. I searched for an hour now, but to no avail.
I've seen it. It 's there.
And I know there is an Arabic blog. I helped the guy with something. He had the skin with the bird, the pink one. How to search the forum with only this limited knowledge? All we know Afwas answered the post. Go search for that one. :lol:

Good luck

30 Jan 14, 2008 17:16

im back now , just starting ,

so , is the rtl command ready to use in the template , or the php files ,

or should i do it , in the css, its easy from the css if i want to make it manually , and customize the template , to be best for arabic

31 Jan 14, 2008 17:19

I can' t find it :'( though I am sure it exists or at least exited. So you' d better start of with the css trick. If I find you I'll let you know.

Good luck

32 Jan 14, 2008 17:49

thanks alllot m8

:) ill work it out

33 Jan 14, 2008 19:36

I've never seen RTL as a setting in b2evo, which doesn't mean it can't be done with php at the server, but that's not important right now. The "unicode-bidi" thing you probably won't need in your css. THAT bit allows one to change directions on the same page. So if your whole page wants to go RTL then you should be able to use "body { direction: rtl; text-align: right; }" to get what you seek.

34 Jan 15, 2008 15:34

EdB i tried to modify the css of the version i have ( the css of the miami_blue) , but it didnt do the trick , and then i tried to remove the database , and make a new one , because i thought maybe the css is injected in the database , but i got some error , it wouldn't make a new install , it just go on a loop to the same page ., ) :)

so im gonna complete the translation of the rc version , and then make all the settings it need , i thought its better as the version gonna be build on is rc , why take the time to correct something not gonna be used

what do u think guys

35 Jan 28, 2008 15:10

hay guys , im still on the translation , its going slow with me with all the work and stuff , but i hope thats not a problem , but if there is a need to implement it in the new release tell me , and ill try to make it faster or something,

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