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1 Dec 17, 2007 18:55    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I bet there is a way to open a blog in a particular view.

I have blog 1 as the homepage, and it links to another blog (blog 2) which I'd like to open in Catagory view rather than the default Posts view. That is, I'd like users to see the category list rather than the recent posts in the main window when they first go to blog 2.

I assume it could be done by editing one of the php files to add in an extended url for blog 2.

Any ideas?

I'm in ver 2.2

2 Dec 21, 2007 17:02

Hi. I think you can do this with stub files, so first I should ask if you are using stub files. If not it can probably be done, but we have to start with *how* you are accessing your blogs.

I have to rebuild my 2.2.0 test installation, but I'm pretty sure you could tell your stub file to have a specific category upon first view. Something like this added to your stub MIGHT be the answer:

$cat = NN // where NN is the category number

If you are not using stubs then it might still be pretty easy. On your Blog settings -> pick-a-blog -> URLs subtab you MIGHT be able to add "cat=NN" to the URL so that it pulls the proper category you seek.

There is a lot to think about though. Specifically: exactly how are you calling your blogs and what are your settings on your URLs subtab. A link to your blog with specific questions really helps!

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