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1 Dec 18, 2007 08:27    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Is there a way to see who opted in to get an email notification when new posts are put up on your blog? Not just when comments are on their posts.

2 Dec 21, 2007 05:59

The best way to accomplish this is via FeedBurner or an external RSS subscription service. Feedburner works pretty well for us.

Another option would be to edit the RSS or Atom Skin pages and add a line or two there that updates some type of table everything someone requests the feed. This may not be worth it.

3 Dec 21, 2007 06:44

Cool ok so I grabbed a Feedburner. It didnt have b2 as an option to integrate and I cant seem to find out where to edit the XML Feeds widget.

Any suggestions on how to get my hand feed link in there now?

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