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1 Dec 18, 2007 19:18    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


I'm still using b2evolution v0.9.2 and my server is overloaded. Using "mytop" I see a lot of slow queries like this one:

SELECT DISTINCT evo_comments.* FROM ((evo_comments INNER JOIN evo_posts ON comment_post_ID = ID) INNER JOIN evo_postcats ON ID = postcat_post_ID) INNER JOIN evo_categories othercats ON postcat_cat_ID = othercats.cat_ID WHERE othercats.cat_blog_ID = 224 AND comment_type IN ('comment') AND ( post_status IN ('published') ) ORDER BY comment_date DESC LIMIT 5

Does anybody have experience with this query? I want to optimize it.

Thank you very much.

2 Dec 18, 2007 20:47

Friend you really need to upgrade. 092 has been obsolete for a long time. 1103 is stable, and upgrading to it shouldn't cause any major headaches, though your skin - if customized - will take some working to get it caught up.

3 Dec 19, 2007 16:40

Hi EdB. Thank you very much for your answer.

I'm planning to upgrade the installation, but it will be on March. What can I do during this two months to save resources?

4 Dec 20, 2007 14:30

No one remembers that old stuff anymore!

When does the problem happen? Do you have "recent comments" available to your visitors? If so maybe that's the problem so maybe removing it will help?

The best answer of course is to upgrade. Now.

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