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1 Dec 20, 2007 02:59    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I've just gotten up this morning to discover that my blog is half dead. My photos seem to be corrupted, the sidebar has disappeared, and the backend only shows about half of the page.

Please help, I don't know what's wrong, and my site doesn't appear to have been hacked.



EDIT: I also use b2evo in another folder, and the images there also appear corrupted, and same with the backend.

2 Dec 21, 2007 17:25

I hope you have backups of all your files!

So here is my first pass at this: your server failed to hold your files correctly.

But let's look deeper! I am not a malicious hacker bastard so I don't really know what they think about or how they operate, but to my mind if you don't find "extra files" or files that have been modified by someone other than you then you haven't been hacked. Hackers typically have a desire to do more than just ruin your experience. They will want to, at least, deface your web. At worst they will modify files so that it does something terrible to either you or your visitors.

So if I was you I would be mad at my host UNLESS I saw evidence that my files have been altered to do something other than what they are supposed to do.

Our primary forum admin here is THE expert on what to look for because she is wicked-smart on server-level stuff, but until she notices this thread I would start by wondering if there is anything more than just corrupted files. If all you have is corruption then I would deduce that your server crapped up. NOT that hackers crapped them up eh? OTOH if you find a file that has been changed to something that works but is "not right" AFTER your last update then it would seem to me that hackers have done their evil on you.

Malicious hackers should rot in hell before an early death relieves them of the pain of being damned to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best of luck to you on this, and please keep us informed as to what you learn in your efforts to restore your web to that which you want it to be. I am NOT a developer or smart on this stuff, but my 'insider path' tells me the developers will be very keen on learning of a vulnerability in 1.10.* releases. ESPECIALLY if it is 1.10.3!

PS: I've slowly found a number of files on my server that show zero bytes. THAT, to me, is a server crapping up my files. Fortunately all I've lost is image files...

3 Dec 21, 2007 22:06

OP has a page up now saying host was moving servers....FYI

4 Dec 22, 2007 01:42

Thanks for reporting back

Good luck

5 Dec 22, 2007 02:04

Just for the record -- na3 has not reported back to confirm this -- I was just reporting what I saw when I looked at her page. Looks like she traced the problem to the host, but I am not sure.

6 Dec 22, 2007 02:58

Apologies - I haven't had time to update this until now.

Yes, a quick message to my web host discovered that they had been having problems across the board with sites hosted on a particular server (mine being one of them). They're currently fixing things.

They did say that it appears that there was a security hole in someone's site, which has assisted in the problem - they have not so far, contacted me and told me it was my site that caused it. If they do, I'll come back and let people know here.

Thanks for the assistance and interest; glad to know people are so willing to help!

Have a good holiday,


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