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1 Dec 20, 2007 22:19    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


Is it possible to put this code on my posts?

<form action="" method="post">
<select name="z1">
<option value="5.00">$5.00</option>
<option value="7.50">$7.50</option>
<option value="10.00">$10.00</option>
<option value="12.50">$12.50</option>
<option value="15.00">$15,00</option>
<option value="17.50">$17.50</option>
<option value="20.00">$20.00</option>
<input type="image" src="" border="0" name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!">

2 Dec 21, 2007 04:16

You need to edit the file /conf/_formatting.php within your b2evolution folder and turn off HTML checking. This is a security risk though, so once you've updated your post with the HTML you want, restore the HTML checking to ON.

This is the line you have to edit:

$use_html_checker = 1;

and set it to 0 to disable checking.

$use_html_checker = 0;

3 Dec 27, 2007 05:35

I'm having a lot of trouble entering html coded articles. Consistantly getting "parse errors", "mismatched tags" , etc.

It would behelpful to incorporate the ability to disable html checking in the admin section rather than going back and forth editing php files to get these post through.


4 Dec 27, 2007 06:03

It doesn't put it in the back office, but often when I have a file I want to change frequently I'll make two versions and upload the one I want. In this case it'd be "_formatting_ON.php" and "_formatting_OFF.php". This way I would upload both and rename "off" to the real name, do my thing, then rename "off" to the real name.

A little bit better than editing and uploading and editing?

Also the really adventurous blogger would search these forums for tips on how to add stuff to the html checker so that common things you want to do but aren't allowed would be allowed. I've never been successful with it, but others have so I know it can be done.

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