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1 Dec 21, 2007 09:53    

My b2evolution Version: 2.2.0

Hi All,

I have yet another question here please?

How many blogs can you create on 1 B2 install please?
I ask this because I have tried to create 6 blogs and have them titled
up at the top. it let me rename Blog A,
I deleted Blog B as it would not let me rename this one no matter what
I left LinkBlog I renamed the Blog all to Main-Blog
( it made me to put the dash in there otherwise it kept saying
Invalid URL without a "-" in there or space if you

I now have 6 total blogs created but here starts the problem,
every time I try to call up the last created blog it wont show it with
the new skin it keeps pulling up the "blog All" blog instead but yet
I can pull up all the other 4 blogs in between just fine:example:
(1) Main-Blog- every time I try to view the last Blog this comes up instead

(2)Loans--- Showes just fine

(3)LinkBlog---showed just fine

(4)Asthma Help---showes just fine

(5)Bath Remodel---showes just fine

(6) Business------Hit this one which is the last one I created and
instead it reverts back
to the (1) blog and showes that one instead of the #6 Blog

I checked all the settings and they all are set up the same
I have a stub file created for the asthma blog to pull
and so I created a Business stub for the last one to pull
but again the last one wont show up, wont even let me change the skin
to something different. I get nothing so that is why I am asking
do I need to install another B2 evo after so many blogs created on the
1 install????

I even went in and changed the "features part not to show Blog 1
but still when I hit the 6th blog I still get taken back to the first blog
instead and cant even see the 6th blog,
but I can see it in my Admin side and I can see it in my Cpanel side,
I even did this step:
Delete pre-renderered item cache.

And still cant get it sorted any Ideas from anyone here on this issue
would once again be very very much appreciated as it is got me stumped??


Here is the link to the site to see what I mean:

2 Dec 21, 2007 10:57

The Business site is showing up as a Stub, instead of a blog number like the rest, except for Asthma which is also a Stub

3 Dec 21, 2007 11:23

HI John,

Ok now I am really confused, thanks first off for the reply to this issue.
appreciate it:)

I created this blog ( business) like I did the asthma site no different
as a stub that you have the choice to do this in the Blog Setting
Under :URLS section and yet the asthma blog pulls just fine

but it was when I went and created this blog number 6 and it shows
as blog number 7 in my admin panel by the way

it shows in my admin side as blog number 7, but that I believe
is because I deleted blog Number 3 ( which was Blog "b") but even
if I try to turn off the main blog all other blogs will pull up ok
but its when I hit the business blog it wont show but instead pulls up
the main blog in its place?

Do you have any Idea as to how I can fix this, I have tried to delete
the business blog and also delete it as well in the Cpanel and then
recreate it now like 5 times already and each time it comes back the
same way always pulling up the Main-Blog and not ever showing
the business blog at all??????
thanks again I will await your reply and if any one else reads this
post as well and can offer some insight here as to how to fix this
I will gladly take all advice and steps to try out thanks everyone


4 Dec 21, 2007 11:53

You are right in your conclusion about the blog numbers. Just ignore it.
To show the correct blog, you want to tinker with: Backoffice -> Blog settings -> YOUR NEW BLOG -> URLs.

Manually, your blog should show up if you enter in the adressbar: yourdoman/index.php?blog=7 but you created and deleted a few times, so 7 will be 9 or 10 by now B)

Good luck

5 Dec 22, 2007 00:24

HI Afwas,

thank you for this tip here, ok I tried what you had suggested and I
entered in the manual URL in my web browser, and then I went into
the back office and put it as a absolute URL :

(But I also still have in my cpanel side the Business.stub.php file
should I just leave this here or is it safe to say it is now not needed
as a stub file since I am using the Absolute URL to pull this blog up

Just dont want to yet break something again as I seem to get
one thingy going and then another thingy breaks on me but still
getting further thanks to this forum:)

This by the way is how it is showing as the Blog ID in the back office
as blog Number 7 as the ID itself,
it did pull up the right blog this way but...... I now get 2 new issues

(1) in the back office I am getting this warning message:

WARNING: it is highly recommended that this ends in with a / or .php !
is this safe or if not how do I fix it to go away please?

(2) The next problem is the post I did for the Asthma Blog is now
also showing up in the business blog??? Any idea how to fix this one

I do thank you for the help thus far with these issues it is helping me
to get what I am after achieved and I do like this software better
then the wordpress as to me it seems that it has more friendlier features

Also If I may ask:

is it possible to keep creating more blogs with just this one B2 Install
or will I need to install more then 1 B2 software to have Alot of blogs?
and thus have to enter in new subfolders to put the B2 Softwares into?

thanks one and all for any more light you can help me shed on this issue


6 Dec 28, 2007 07:43

You need to be creating php stubfiles to be the final url destination route to each new blog. You can have as many blogs as you wish, just create more stubfiles (referring to them in the appropriate admin "blog settings" location) and it will be easy. This new stubfile name is typed in where it says,

" Explicit reference to stub file (Advanced): Stub name:...form blank...."

I think the manual is clear on setting up stub files, but if not, ask here about needing more detail.

7 Dec 28, 2007 10:39

Actually you don't need ANY stub files to add new blogs. Stub files give you some options that can't be done any other way, but that doesn't mean you can't have an installation with many blogs without many stub files.

I'm a bit rusty on all the possible settings for blog URLs, but basically you can simply leave them at whatever the default is and it'll work. Let me check a 1.10.3 installation that I run that has no stub files ...

In my "Blog URL Parameters" section I have "relative to baseurl" checked and nothing in the text box, and "explicit reference on index.php" checked. That particular installation has 40 blogs, and every now and then I run a little program that adds a few more. No stubs!

8 Dec 29, 2007 02:55

Of course, Edb is right. What I was thinking was... I just always have recommended stub files... because I found problems with keeping track of all the multiple blogs done without them (because of the easy naming with the stubfile). But, I should have not thought in reference to my own experiences, but in terms of what is possible (as Edb described).

So, Edb is right again... you don't need stub files.

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