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1 Dec 25, 2007 16:04    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x


I have a very stupid question, but I just couldn't find the answer. Here it is:

My blog displays the articles I wrote in chronological order, the latest article first, etc. How do I switch that, so that the first article I wrote is the first one to see, the highest one on the site.

Thank you so much in advance!!


2 Dec 25, 2007 16:10

I'm pretty sure you need to be using stub files for this. If you're not hip to that please either search here or read the [url=]wiki-manual-page[/url] on that topic. In stub-land it is as easy as changing the post order from

# $order = 'ASC'; // This for example would display the blog in chronological order...


$order = 'ASC'; // This for example would display the blog in chronological order...

Hopefully some really smart players will share a method to do that without using stub files - if you prefer blogging without them.

PS: you really should consider upgrading to 1.10.3 because it is the stablest version there is in the 1.* generation. You don't have to, but wow you really should choose to put the time and effort into upgrading. You'll thank yourself for it one day.

3 Dec 25, 2007 16:47

Thanks for the quick response!

I have absolutely no idea what stubs are, although I have some PHP knowledge. I prefer not to use them.

I will upgrade to 1.10.3, just used my sites installatron to install the blog ;), but does 1.10.3 allow me to change the order of the items, or do I still need to do it manually?

Thanks again!

4 Dec 25, 2007 17:03

Ah.... yeah to the best of my knowledge you will NOT gain the change you seek from upgrading. I urge it only because it makes it easier for us forum junkies to help people going forward. (Please know that some of us keep "test" installations only because we answer questions ... then imagine having an installation for every version that ever existed!)

Not that "help here" is the only reason to upgrade! 1.10.3 came out AFTER the developers were already releasing 'beta' versions of the 2.* generation. Thus it happened because it was the right thing to do.

Anyway back on topic: others might know how to get "order=ASC" without using a stub file, but I don't. I'm sure it can be done though. Let's hope that those who are in the know aren't too busy celebrating this particular day to stop by and share what they know about changing the post order without using stub files.

Best of luck on getting your desired info AND eventually upgrading!

5 Dec 25, 2007 17:19

You can do the $order = 'ASC'; but in your index.php as well ;)

# Additionnaly, you can set other values (see URL params in the manual)...
$order = 'ASC'; // This for example would display the blog in chronological order...

// That's it, now let b2evolution do the rest! :)
require $inc_path.'';

In the latest and greatest version you can change the order for each blog in admin, but it's still in beta.


6 Dec 25, 2007 17:26

Wow, thanks, that solves everything! :D

Thanks guys, and have a merry Christmas!


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