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1 Dec 29, 2007 04:05    

My b2evolution Version: 1.93

Can it be done? A local and offline instalation (on my computer), for testing purposes (like skinning, mods, plugins, etc)?

2 Dec 29, 2007 10:07

Yes, it can be done and it's easy.

1) Running a MS Windows machine, install [url=]Wamp[/url]. This gives you a server on your desktop. There you can install B2evo on it.
Everythingis pretty straight forward, so I won explain the details here. If you have questions though, don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck

3 Dec 29, 2007 10:18

Afwas could we talk about wamp in the chat forum? I've installed wamp - and another similar package - but quite frankly could not make heads or tails of it. I'm thinking "chat" because it's fairly obvious that using some other program really isn't a b2evolution thing yah?

@sobrenada: please consider using v1.10.3 because it is the super-stable 'end of the line' for the 1.* generation of b2evolution. May as well upgrade before you get comfortable with the package and crazy with the modifications eh? OR you could take life by the horns and tinker with 230-RC, which just came out a few hours ago. I make no suggestion either way, except for "go with 230!!!" ;)

4 Dec 29, 2007 10:27

Hi Ed,

This is so closely related, I don't mind where the questions are posted. You might even concider IRC. But do get started. You do the questions and I do the answers.

5 Dec 29, 2007 10:37

I just posted in the chat forum yah?

BTW I think many people have installed b2evolution locally, so hopefully one will come along who thinks "what's all this wamp stuff about? all you need is ........ " and explain what all those dots should be.

EDIT: IRC scares me. I'm pretty sure an IRC is an orc with an eye, and orcs scare me. ;)

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