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1 Dec 29, 2007 05:24    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Is there a way to allow all users (ie. registered - validated by email) to have add post & comment priviledges as a default?

Additionally, also to allow registered users to be able to edit their own posts and comments?


2 Dec 29, 2007 17:29

Ive been using 2.2 (and just upgraded to 2.3) so I dont know if this applies to your version but...

I recently launched a blog called Collective Blog. Ive set it up so users who register are instantly able to post. They can only see that blog in the back office, they cant change or view any settings for it. They can upload images but not edit or delete them, they can edit their own posts (but not delete or change the date). They cannot change their blogger status.

Long story short, yes. Just a matter of playing with User and group settings until you get it working for you. Once again though, you may need the new version.

Update:: thanks Afwas below me :). Jimginn. Ive just remembered I started a thread in Chat Away further down on the forum asking advice on this blog. I included a link to my instructions page which has some screen shots. May help you?

3 Dec 29, 2007 17:39


Your answer is fully correct. I will add to it though that this is also possible in 1.10. The question whether you want to use 1.10.3 or 2.3 is of a totally different matter.

Good luck

4 Dec 31, 2007 16:05

I'll try upgrading to 2.2 or 2.3.

However, is there a setting on these versions (2.2 or 2.3) to allow 'registered users' as a default to skip 'Comments Moderation' ?


5 Jan 01, 2008 18:24

Just upgraded to 2.3 and still not sure where to change specific blog settings:

1. allowing registered users (ie. verified by email) to be able to posts

2. allowing comments by registered users to be 'live' without moderation approval

It seems I can allow registered users to post but in doing so it gives permissions to edit and delete others (ie. not their) posts?



6 Jan 03, 2008 07:22

You can get all settings exactly as you want them, simply need to keep experimenting.

Have you found all 4 places where you can change user settings:

1. Dashboard > Global Settings > General > Group for new users

2. Dashboard > Users

3. Your Blog > Blog Settings > User Perms

4. Your Blog > Blog Settings > Group Perms


The latter has a drop box for users edit "Own Posts". This will stop them being able to edit others.

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