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1 Dec 29, 2007 21:36    

My second problem. I have difficulties to manage file in post. It's quite intuitive for image but not for file.
In file manager, if I click button IMG, it's effectively add the code. But I can only visualise it in HTML editor and manually adding a title beetween <a> and </a>.
Why when I'm clicking on button, it doesn't add automatically the name of file ?? Or there is something I didn't understand.
For me it's a quite easy manipulation, but I'm not sure if neophyte user will find it easy... By the way, it's the same thing when you upload a new file. The line with url is even not enough long to see it completely. And why this code is not accessible after the first upload? At least a easy cut/copy in article will be easier to manage.


2 Dec 31, 2007 06:33

I'm not exactly sure what your question is.

What do you want to do? And where lies the problem?

3 Dec 31, 2007 07:21

The problem: how to add EASYLY (meaning knowing any HTML) a file in a post? Why when I click on IMG button of file manager, it doesn't add automatically "name"<a>NAME here</a>??

In fact, my complain is about the whole processing of adding a file to a post for newbies...

4 Dec 31, 2007 07:28

Just adding an image seems easy enough for me.

You copy the image location, click on the image button, paste the url code in the first line and either add the text you want in the following to sections after clicking ok, or not and it's there.
If you want it to have a link leading somewhere, you just mark the whole code, click on "link" and add the url.

You don't need to do any html yourself.

Are you posting in simple or in expert mode for the blog posts?

5 Dec 31, 2007 11:51

Hi mel,

Do you want to add a file or a picture?

6 Dec 31, 2007 15:48

Yeah mel_t your question is a little bit confusing. I guess now we know how you feel yah?

For example I've never added a "file", such as a word doc or a powerpoint slide show in a post. But your example of "<a>NAME here</a>" would be something to do with the 'link' button, which will prompt you for the URL of the site you want to link to. (You would type NAME, then highlight it with your mouse, then click the 'link' button, then paste in the URL for your ''.)

Adding an image is pretty easy. Adding a different type of file is supposed to be easy, but as I said I've got no experience with it.

So anyway let's all regroup a little bit and make sure we're understanding what each other is saying yah? For example if you want to include a link to a .doc file that you uploaded via your file manager then spell it out for us. Otherwise we won't be sure that is your mission. Surely someone has included a link to a word doc, and hopefully they will see your question and help you out. Heck if not one of us will try it and then help you, but first we truly need to understand your mission.

Here's hoping this helps AND leads to resolution before the new year begins!

7 Dec 31, 2007 18:12

Ok, let's resume.
It's what I said : image is quite intuitive but not for other files (doc, xls).
File manager works fine for uploading : no problem.
After I need to add it to post so I click "IMG" button. (Simple or expert mode, it's same thing. ) It adds

<a href="http://localhost/b2evolution/media/blogs/national/budget.xls" title=""></a>

How newbie people should know they should add a name to give this?

<a href="http://localhost/b2evolution/media/blogs/national/budget.xls" title="test">test</a>

If not, the link stay invisible in post and we cannot access the file when viewing the blog.
So my question : Why (and how to) this button couldn't do it?

NicoleB: How and where we should find the url? Sorry if come back often with non-HTML people, but there no way anywhere to copy the url of a file without typing it from scratch and risking errors they couldn't troubleshoot.
The only time we could see the url is at the first upload but after it's the desert...

I dont want to confuse anyone, so it's something different... Yesterday I discover "link a file" in the bottom of editing area. The linkage is fine but is it normal we didn't see it on frontend? I was thinking it will add the file at the end of blog post, but I see it only on backoffice.

Sorry if I'm not clear : I'm quite new to b2 and english is not my first language...

8 Dec 31, 2007 18:23

In the file manager under the files you find: "With selected files: [Make Posts][Img]". Try that if you want to incorporate a file into you post. Do use the [Img] button from there if you want an image you uploaded previously. Use the [Img] button in the toolbar if you use an image from somewhere else on the web.

Good luck

9 Dec 31, 2007 18:50

But it's exactly what I did! I use IMG button from the file manager. It's quite confusing in fact because IMG button could be use for non-image file...

11 Jan 01, 2008 00:06

mel_t thanks for your patience. I now understand better, and apparently so does Afwas. Afwas thanks for your followup on this.

It's too bad it probably won't be fixed until next year, but then again this is the time of year *everything* "won't be until next year". Heck I won't get home from work until some time next year ;)

12 Jan 02, 2008 18:55

Oh well... It's first time I found a bug, normally it's my misunderstooding...
I will try to be more precise next time.
And BTW, don't forget in meantime to correct, after the first upload the "copy this code to your post". It react the same way as the button.
Thanks everyone. And good bloging year!

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