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1 Jan 10, 2008 18:59    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I've spent a few days trying to figure out why the links generated from the function 'mainlist_page_links' in my posts.main.php are incorrect. I've seen some other people with this problem, but some of their issues were resolved.

The link i want is of the form

However the following extra info is generated, thereby sorting the next page alphabetically, and not as a continuation of the first page.

I've noticed that the links are correct in 'evopress' and 'custom' skins but not correct in 'evocamp' (nor my skin). So playing around, i've discovered if i removed the linkblog widget from the sidebar the links were correct again.

I've installed the latest 2.3.0-rc1 version.

Any ideas why this is occuring? And anyways around it other than hacking the code?


3 Jan 11, 2008 11:09

I thought about that, and tried playing with these settings on both the main blog and also the linkblog. The fact remains that if you remove the linkblog from the sidebar this corrects the links.

Are there other settings in the linkblog which will correct this behaviour. Or are there some other values i can pass into the 'mainlist_page_links' array such as 'links_format'.

4 Jan 11, 2008 12:15

Crack open inc/widgets/model/_widget.class.php and change this section of code ( approx 539 )

		$LinkblogList->set_filters( array(
				'cat_array' => $linkblog_cat_array,
				'cat_modifier' => $linkblog_cat_modifier,
				'orderby' => 'main_cat_ID title',
				'order' => 'ASC',
				'unit' => 'posts',
			), false );


5 Jan 11, 2008 13:22

Ok thanks. That did the trick.

Will this implementation change in the future or will this remain the same?

6 Jan 11, 2008 17:07

It'll be fixed the moment I get chance to connect to cvs ;)


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