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regenerate_url misses filtered category?

Started by on Jan 17, 2008 – Contents updated: Jan 17, 2008

Jan 17, 2008 22:08    

If I have the url,


a call to


regenerate_url( "types", "types=2")

results in


instead of


Any ideas? Am I using regenerate_url incorrectly? Or is there something funky going on with category params from the URL string?

Cindy Rae

Jan 17, 2008 22:27

Hi, sorta this works for me in /skins/[skin]/index.main.php, I get the cat name as part of the path but it's also replicated as a param .... either way this is gonna end up in the bugs forum ;)


echo '<p>Test : '.regenerate_url'types''types=2' ).'</p>';

It produces :
Test :


note to self : still need to do the cat urls to summat a smidge more imaginative :P

Jan 29, 2008 18:39

Update: using the 'catsel' array parameter instead of 'cat' ensures the correct behavior, at least in the way I've tried.

Cindy Rae

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