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1 Jan 27, 2008 03:59    

just a heads up to those working on the wiki

i've not noticed any particular convention for tagging pages that need updating

I am new to b2evo and therefore the first version I'm becoming familiar with is 2.3. As I move through the manual pages I notice various things that need updating ... which I'd be more than happy to do myself *except* that I have no clue at what version a change was implemented after the man page was written. I don't want to make an edit that says "Version 2.3" if the change in question actually came into being in version 1.8, for example, in which case the edit ought to say "Version 1.8 and later"

Yet I did want to somehow tag the places that need updating so I used the string "updatethispage for version <=2.3--" and then typed out my suggestion. This way the Talk namespace can be searched for "updatethispage" and after updates are made that string could be changed to something like DONEupdatethispage.

Just posting this here (1) in case this is useful to the group or (2) so that my work can be easily located and *un*done if I have stepped on any toes or if folks just hate the idea. Dont' worry about my nose, it is not easily "put out of joint" (alternate phrase: "I have thick skin") (international-friendly translation: "if you don't like my stuff I will not be insulted")


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