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1 Jan 27, 2008 13:38    

Well here I am talking with myself on the Docs forum this weekend. maybe I outta getta life! ;-)

As per my previous post, I needed another Discussion convention in the wiki for tagging pages where the "What Links Here" pages need to be repointed to newer content. For example, I left the "Blog All" page intact for folks still using version 1.x, and created a new "Blog List" page for >=2.0, and inserted italiized notes at the top of each page linking to the appropriate page for users of the other version.

But there are other pages (e.g., RSS) that still link to Blog All and I did not have time to examine them to assess whether they need re-linking to Blog List instead (and at this point just need to get my own blogs ready to go live!!) ... so for now I tagged the Blog All discussion page with the string:


Again, as per my comments in the [url=]Updatethispage string on Discussion pages[/url]: unless there was already some protocol in place for noting where links need repointing, and/or the docs team just hates this idea, I will continue to use this same string when i notice the need for re-linking. To find all such pages, search for Updatelinksto in the Talk namespace.

If I "done wrong" please be gentle, I'm completely new here & hoping to help, just tell me how ...


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