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1 Feb 10, 2008 22:36    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I have a problem creating after upgrading to recreate an aggregation blog, it does not seem to accept my ID list in the form:
2, 3, 4

2 Feb 10, 2008 22:45

Hi yodasz,

Welcome to the forums.

Try to add the blogs *with* a comma but *without* the space.

Good luck

3 Feb 10, 2008 22:48

God I'm so stupid, thanks

4 Feb 10, 2008 23:00

No you are not stupid.
Today I made a widget with a similar string. I added a line of code stripping the spaces after the user has had a go at it.

$sort_blogs = str_replace(' ', '', $sort_blogs);

That is clever :)

Good luck

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