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1 Feb 20, 2008 10:35    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

i just upgraded from 1.1 to 2.4 and am having all sorts of issues. I was using Wheelz Skin prior, and understand that it doesnt work with 2.x but has anyone converted or how hard is it. ive read the differences between 1.x and 2.x skins but it could be in a different language and i wouldnt know :oops: .

Also now with any skin i choose the comments/feedback links dont work. even if i create a new blog the links take me to a 404 page. I checked my database and all my comment values are still in there.
EDIT: so using the cache i had in my browser i went to an old link from comments i had checked earlier b4 i upgraded and it works, so i guess i need to know how to make my new skin/skins use the same links as Wheelz did?..maybe..?

My all blog is not updating past or current post. :-/

I tried searching for these but got a ton of pages and its 4:30am and im just taking shots in the dark for the last 7 hours...hopefully these are just some dumb things ive overlooked, i got a ton more problems but with some luck and determination i should be able to iron the rest out.

Thanx as always :'(

2 Feb 20, 2008 10:38

gixxi, could you provide a link to your blog.
It would/could be a great help

4 Feb 20, 2008 11:01

First, get some sleep :)
Then I would check that you have indeed uploaded ALL new files for the upgrade to v.2 have deleted/backed up all old files

5 Feb 20, 2008 11:08

sleep is overrated ;) I cant sleep at the first sign of positive direction!

Are you refering to my /blog on my host? i believe i deleted all but the media, I can try again right quick..well..not right quick, but ill try again lol

6 Feb 20, 2008 11:44

deleted/reinstalled everything, nothing changed

8 Feb 20, 2008 13:54

Okay try this: on the Blog settings->pick a blog->URLs subtab uncheck everything with "extra path" in it, and select everything with ... gosh I forget the term ... "param" in it.

My suspicion is that your server doesn't like whatever it needs to like to make the extra path stuff happen. b2evolution is making the links that way but your server can't resolve them after the fact.

9 Feb 20, 2008 18:22

That did the trick EdB :) *this buds for you!*

Still having the problem with my All Blog tho, and my sidebar seems to be doing the same thing, seems like they are registering as normal blogs now instead of the "all blog" and "sideblog" but im not sure.

Anyone have any suggestions for the Wheelz? or know if hes made any 2.x skins, i really like his work B)

10 Feb 20, 2008 18:34

All this just cuz i wanted to be able to post links in my comments and i still cant haha

11 Feb 20, 2008 18:43

inc/xhtml_validator/ approx 490

$comments_allowed_tags += array
	'ins' => $C_E_Flow,
	'del' => $C_E_Flow,
//	'a' => $C_E_a_content,  // Allowing this will call for a whole lot of comment spam!!!

Uncomment the last line ( by removing the // at the start of the line )


12 Feb 20, 2008 18:56

that is what i did in 1.x only i edited the _formatting.php and the header blew up on the page, this worked perfectly tho :) thanx

13 Feb 20, 2008 21:29

i still have All Blogs problem :(

15 Feb 20, 2008 21:58 not sure i know what ur suggesting :oops:
Its nice having the All blogs since i have 8 or 9 different blogs to check all the time...both the links u put are for my general blog in it only shows things in the general blog not the others

16 Feb 20, 2008 22:06

In the Admin for All Blogs do you have, under the Features" tab,
Include in public blog list: ticked ?

17 Feb 20, 2008 22:09

yes, that option is ticked for every blog also

18 Feb 21, 2008 23:42

anyone?? anything..direction..suggestion....
It'd be reallly nice to have that working..:(

19 Feb 22, 2008 00:34

On one of the Blog settings sub-tabs there is an option for aggregating other blogs into the blog. To have an "all blog" you have to add blogs to the list for the blog you want to use as an "all blog". Sorry but off the top of my head I don't know which sub-tab you need to look at.

20 Feb 22, 2008 00:56

Thanx for your time once again EdB, i didnt need something exact what you gave me was enough to get it done :) Thanx again! Cheers

21 Feb 25, 2008 17:07

¥åßßå wrote:

inc/xhtml_validator/ approx 490

$comments_allowed_tags += array
	'ins' => $C_E_Flow,
	'del' => $C_E_Flow,
//	'a' => $C_E_a_content,  // Allowing this will call for a whole lot of comment spam!!!

Uncomment the last line ( by removing the // at the start of the line )


I keep forgetting about this when I upgrade (never mind the fact it seems to have moved in 2.x). Thanks for that Yabba.

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