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1 Feb 20, 2008 23:53    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Hello all!

B2Evolution is great, and i am not only using it for blogging.
I am using it for my entire site.

Now to the problem:

I use a modified version of the glossy-skin.
I have the "big" dateimages on every post.
In one of my blogs I want to remove this.
This page is not a "blog" it is an informal page where I do not want the date for every post. I want as fast site as possible and therefore I am using the same skin on every blog. Therefore if I want to change something I think that is have to be done in the stub-file. Am i correct?

Any solutions? :idea:

Kind Regards

2 Feb 21, 2008 00:47

How about a link identifying what you're calling the big date images (images?), and the page you don't want to see it on?

BTW it's not too unusual to use b2evolution for site management. It's actually quite normal. Using the same skin for every blog may or may not be fast, depending on how much trickery you have to do with the skin to make each page load. For example if you have a lot of "blog specific conditional" bits then you'll probably be faster by microseconds to use additional multiple skins. Having said that, most changes won't be in a "stub" file. Most will be in your skins/your_skin/ files, with a stub being something stuck in your root directory that gives you a different level of flexibility and 'cuter' URLs.

So yeah a link to where you're at and what you want to do would be way cool else we'll spend forever trying to understand what each other means when they say 'stub' or whatever.

3 Feb 26, 2008 23:47

Hello again.

I've now upload to a public server.

You can see the blog(s) at

It will be for a flyfishing-club so the design will be quite "mossy" :).

If you click at "Klubbinfo" you will see a post telling what I want to do.

I also want to completly remove category "all" from all blogs.
I've seen a thread on this but the solution there did not work for me. Any suggestions?

Thanks for you help!

4 Feb 26, 2008 23:56

Hi keckepro,

You want a new skin being a copy of the old skin with the image removed.
You might be able to remove the date, but that would leave a blank image.

Remove categories in Blog settings -> Categories

Good luck

5 Feb 27, 2008 00:39

I think for the date thing you can edit posts.main.php and single.main.php and remove the following bit:

		<div class="post-date">
			<span class="post-month"><?php $Item->issue_time( array(
						'before'    => '',
						'after'     => '',
						'date_format' => 'M',
					)); ?></span>
			<span class="post-day"><?php $Item->issue_time( array(
						'before'    => '',
						'after'     => '',
						'date_format' => 'd',
					)); ?></span>

You then will have no visible date of posting for each post, but that SHOULD get rid of the "big date" thing.

On the categories topic, I don't think "all" is a category. Isn't that a feature of the widget? If so it should be a setting on the Blog settings->pick a blog->widgets sub-tab, then click the categories widget's name and see what options are available there.

6 Feb 27, 2008 19:21


That fixed it!


Another question:
How do i change the order on how the categories appear?


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