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1 Feb 25, 2008 02:36    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x


I have installed version 2.4.0 and it works. But it works only in firefox and not in IE. I get the messege that can not be opend.

I don't know what to do now.

Thanks in advance

3 Feb 25, 2008 02:51

sorry did that, i misspelled http.


4 Feb 25, 2008 02:56

Without the .php at the end the link fails in both Firefox and IE, but with the trailing .php both browsers display the page just fine.

Sorry friend, but this problem doesn't want to duplicate for me.

Oh my IE version is 7.0.57blahblahblah, but I'd be hard-pressed to imagine the page not loading in any reasonably recent version of Internet Exploder.

5 Feb 25, 2008 03:15

Thank you for your response.
But even with .php at the end it will not work in IE here. I never use IE so i never did update it. I shall try to update IE to 7.0 and will look wat it says then.


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