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[1.10.x] Skins not applied to blog

Started by on Mar 01, 2008 – Contents updated: Mar 01, 2008

Mar 01, 2008 20:33    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I have setup on localhost. When I view the site on the local host, the skins are applied. However, when I view from another computer, no css styles are being applied. I have tried with different skins/different blogs. I haven't changed any config files or directory structures. despite header this is for 2.x

Mar 01, 2008 20:59

It's because your $baseurl is pointing to localhost, and skin selection (among other bits) is dependent on $baseurl. For example NONE of the links on the page you linked to actually work.

I have no idea how people host a b2evolution blog from their home computer, but I think it's been done and documented somewhere. Maybe in the forums, but maybe in the manual (Docs) linked above?

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