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1 Mar 05, 2008 08:04    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I know that pages always look different in different browsers. But look at my blog in FF compared to EI.

Does anyone know of anything I can do to bring the blog in line with FF?


2 Mar 05, 2008 08:19

Hi sharky
Can't help you with the browser issue but your version is 2.4.0, not 1.1.0 :)
Afwas will come along at some stage, he created the skin.

3 Mar 05, 2008 08:20

Yeah: check out the xhtml validator and clean up what errors you can. Like for example seeing the blog makes me jealous of how you got a little 'left side bar' for each post ... until I see how it breaks in IE. BUT that is probably just a failure to properly handle your divs, as the validator suggests.

Looking at line 49 I see a div that never got it's > at the end. Probably from a line very similar to

<div id="<?php $Item->anchor_id() ?>" class="bPost bPost<?php $Item->status_raw() ?>" lang="<?php $Item->lang() ?>">

I have this funny feeling the last two characters are missing from your skin ;)

Anyway after you clear up the validation errors it'll be a LOT easier to see if there is still stuff to be done with your style sheet.

4 Mar 05, 2008 08:24

I swear I checked the 2.4 box...I'll see what I can do with your suggestions EdB. Yeah that little sidebox to the left is awesome.

5 Mar 05, 2008 08:29

sharky wrote:

I swear I checked the 2.4 box...

Known about issue. Seems every now and then it divides the version by 2. Are you running 2 installations? Maybe it figures "if it's 240 and he's got 2 installs then it's gotta be 120 per but there is no 120 so he must mean 110".

I am totally gonna figure out how you did that little box thing by the way. It's like totally groovy, and I covet groovy things ;)

6 Mar 05, 2008 08:33

Hey EdB, you were right AGAIN!!!! I had accidentally de;etes a ">" in the middle of my adventures. Youc an check it again if you don't believe me.

Sorry If I am a bit exhubarent, my local beer store had a blow out on all the Sam Adams winter brews since it almost spring so I have been drinking while skin customizing.

Afwas's skin is sexier than hell too.

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