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1 Mar 05, 2008 04:10    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Hey everyone. I finally took the plunge today....2.X!

I picked the simple zen three column skin...It is sweet looking.

I am in the process of redoing my logo, tweeking the colors and putting all my evil ads back up...

I discoered one problem that proabably has a simple answer that I can't figure out cause I just started in this version.

When you click on Feedback to leave a comment or see existing comments I get error messages. I must not have something set correctly.

Check for yourselves what it looks like:

Thanks in advance.


2 Mar 05, 2008 04:27

Methinks this one be easy.

It is making "clean" URLs, and they are not working anywhere on your site. On your Blog settings tab, pick a blog then pick the URLs subtab. All the sections have various options, and there is always one option that uses parameters instead of looks-like-folders. Change them all to the choice that uses params. Like stub.php?foo=bar&cheeze=whiz yah?

IF this fixes the issue(s) then we know that your server does not support "clean" URLs. I have no idea what it takes to make a server support them, but this is one of the changes in 240RC2 based on the idea that the vast majority of servers DO support them.

3 Mar 05, 2008 04:31

Thanks Ed,

You are right, nothing is working on the site.

But now I have a more critical problem.

It is not letting me login. It is telling me this:

"Either you have not enabled cookies or this login window has expired."

Clearly I have cookies enabled and I tried the obvious of restarting both FF and EI. What can I do here?

4 Mar 05, 2008 04:34

Oops, i just cleared cookies and it is letting me log in now, let me try what you said in your reply.

5 Mar 05, 2008 04:37

Okay, That worked like a charm EdB.

Thanks again---like always,,, lol.

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