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1 Mar 06, 2008 15:57    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

when I go to blog settings --> widgets to attempt to edit the side bar of my blog (which incidentally was just updated from 1.8.5 where I was familiar with just editing the php directly) once I click the widget tab the browser page goes blank. page source = nothing blank. Not even the surrounding admin page just blankness. The same thing happens when I try to choose it from the admin dashboard also.

as far as I'm aware the install and database upgrade went fine, is there some feature I need to turn on before I can use the widgets from that tab? I've searched all over here and I'm getting the feeling its something simple that I'm just missing.

3 Mar 06, 2008 16:48

I'm sorry I forgot to post that part.. I did edit the advanced to

// If you get blank pages, PHP may be crashing because it doesn't have enough memory.
// The default is 8 MB (in PHP < 5.2) and 128 MB (in PHP > 5.2)
// Try uncommmenting the following line:
ini_set( 'memory_limit', '32M' );

I also followed the next logical option

 I made all the changes you asked for and nothing happened

Go to backoffice -> Tools -> (Misc) -> and hit the "Delete Prerendered Item Cache" link. 

Nothing changed and the widget tab is the only one that does it, and it does it on every blog I try to access it from also.

4 Mar 06, 2008 17:20

Hi Nina,

What does Dashboard -> Tools -> System say about PHP memory_limit?

5 Mar 06, 2008 17:23

says 32M in pretty 'I did it right' green. :)

6 Mar 06, 2008 17:50

Hi Nina,

I don't have time today, but I am sure one of the others can have a look at your blog. Can you provide us a link?

7 Mar 06, 2008 17:52

sure -

everything is working fine, I just want to edit the side bars there and thought I'd give the widget thing a shot rather than manually editing the code, as everything is moved around and different in the 2.x version compared to my old one.

8 Mar 07, 2008 03:54

It seems it was something incredibly simple. The widget folder in \inc didnt upload correctly, even after I reuploaded the entire file structure again when the problem started.

Thanks for trying anyway Afwas. =)

9 Mar 07, 2008 04:07

Oh wow I was just about to say "maybe the widget files in inc didn't upload properly even after trying again".

Glad you got it resolved, and thanks for reporting the solution!

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