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1 Mar 06, 2008 17:39    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Smart hello
I am new to blogs

i have installed b2evolution at

To login we need to go on

In this page there is a b2evolution logo and link , I want to chnage the image and link......

plz help to do it

saurabh jain

2 Mar 06, 2008 19:19

Hi saurabhjain

You can do it in /skins_adm/login/

3 Mar 07, 2008 18:19

thx sam2kb

but still unable to do.........

not getting the code to modify.... thers no .png file

can u give more details....

thx in advance

4 Mar 07, 2008 19:23

right-click the image > properties > change the image

Or just use css


6 Mar 07, 2008 21:55

On line 45 change

<h1 class="logintitle"><?php echo $app_banner; ?></h1>


<h1 class="logintitle"><img src="" /></h1>

You may also want to put

<style> h1.logintitle img { padding-bottom:15px } </style>

within <head> section in the same file.

7 Mar 08, 2008 16:44

thxxxxx sam2kb
thank you very much.....
i did it now.

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