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1 Mar 06, 2008 19:45    

My b2evolution Version: 2.0.4-rc2

I don't see the table T_posts when I do a 'show tables' command in mysql. Am I missing something? Where are the posts stored?

Here are the tables I see:

2 Mar 06, 2008 20:55

Look at evo_items__item

3 Mar 06, 2008 21:30

Thanks sam2kb. I would have never thought to look in that table.

I wonder why the table name doesn't have the word post or posts in it?

4 Mar 06, 2008 21:38

Who knows, I'm not a dev :)

5 Mar 06, 2008 21:45

Here's a guess: not all posts are posts anymore :)

Some are "pages" and some are "links" though I don't know what "links" does yet, and you can make up your own 'type' for the things we add via the write tab.

Sure: they're all "posts" in a technical sort of way but they don't all show up in lists of posts (pages for example), so a mechanism was needed to differentiate between all the different types of items one might create via the write tab.

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