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1 Mar 07, 2008 14:59    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I get a 400 error whenever I post a comment. It doesn't matter if you are logged in or not, every feedback post causes a 400 error.

I'm not a PHP guy, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 Mar 07, 2008 18:51

Got link? b2evo version number, skin, mods you've done if any, phpinfo, other server info, stuff like that.

A link will tell us a lot more than a question yah?

3 Mar 07, 2008 19:31

b2evolution 2.4.0-rc2

Skin = evopress

MySql = Not sure... host doesn't say, but I think it's at least 4.0

PHP = 5

4 Mar 07, 2008 19:58

The comment goes through, so I'm guessing that you're on a windows box and this has something to do with redirecting relative to the current url ..... there's a cure on the forums somewhere but I'm buggered if I can remember where

Try searching for "redirect" and slap my username in the author box


5 Mar 07, 2008 20:52

I've seen that post, unfortunately I can't find that code anywhere.

I've searched throughout _core/_misc.func and have not found where you are looking at. (It most definately isn't at 2356 anymore) :)

6 Mar 10, 2008 13:45

Anyone? I'm about ready to switch products if I can't figure this out.

7 Mar 10, 2008 14:04

The post ¥åßßå is referring to is [url=][2.2.0-beta] [Solved] Saving Posts[/url]. The code mentioned there is in inc/_misc/_misc.funcs.php ( approx 2356 ). Probably it was there in a previous version, in 2.4 the code can be found in /inc/core/_template.funcs.php lines 80-88.
dgusa wrote:

Anyone? I'm about ready to switch products if I can't figure this out

Yes, I would advise switching to an Apache server ;)

Good luck

8 Mar 10, 2008 16:55

wish I could... but alas... windows is where i'm at

9 Mar 13, 2008 00:45

Ok so I am on an apache server, I have version 2.4 and using the default theme. I can post blogs just fine, but when you click the link to post a comment it goes to "this page cannot be found". Any ideas? This happens whether im logged in or not, I even created a test user to do it and the error still came up.

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