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1 Mar 14, 2008 19:45    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

I recently moved my site to a new domain. Everything works just fine until I type in the new website address and the average load time is something like 12 seconds. It used to be 2 seconds. I have this nice little tool that shows me load times for everything from my host "godaddy". We have set all the configs in the back office back to default and nothing has worked. Help please, I do not want to reupload all the software and things again.

2 Mar 14, 2008 20:21

Can you use this tool to show the performance of B2evo? Or does it only do it's own database query?

3 Mar 14, 2008 20:25

That is a good question, let me ask the guy who wrote it real quick. When you say b2 performance what exactly do you mean?

4 Mar 14, 2008 20:27

I'd like to know what part of B2evo takes so long to load.
Try setting $debug in /conf/_advanced.php to 1 (was 0) and it will output a long list with access times as well. Perhaps that gives you a clue.

Good luck

5 Mar 14, 2008 20:34

It does, let me give this to my developer.

6 Mar 15, 2008 14:40

So the site started loading perfectly fine about 17 hours after we switched everything to a new domain. Not sure what it was, but we combed the config files for hours.

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