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1 Mar 15, 2008 15:33    

I've just upgraded to 2.4.0-rc2 from 1.10.2
I've got four blogs visible, for four people, and I want them to have the urls:

As I understand it, I need to:
- have the .htaccess file working (done)
- set the "Blog Base URL" (blog settings - URLs) to "relative to baseurl" with the appropriate extension (either /david/ or /clare/ etc)

However, all that happens is that the user gets redirected to the default blog.

The debug info is:


* No blog param received, checking extra path...
* Looking up absolute url :
* Using default blog 5

If I set "Blog Base URL" to "extra path..", that works
If I set "Blog Base URL" to "Absolute URL" of, that works.

The only thing that doesn't is the 'relative to baseurl' setting.

Furthermore, in index.php, I can't see anything that would make it work.
The file checks first for a numeric blog parameter,
then for a url that has the index.php/ format
then for an absolute url.
No checks for a 'relative to baseurl' setup.

Am I doing something wrong?

Why not try it - on, all the blogs are set to use different versions of "Blog Base URL" - see if you can guess which is which :D

2 Mar 15, 2008 15:47

hmmm... Seems to me like the only problem is that using the "relative to baseurl" option doesn't work the way you expected it to. Oddly enough that's what all my blogs are set to and I don't know why. I use stub files is the thing. Always have, always will. So I wonder if the path that used to say "check this setting and enter in your stub file name" is now the "relative to baseurl" option?

Hey dig this: google "evopress header image" and you'll be able to find a ton of different images pre-made. So with the custom css setting on each blog you can have each blogger pick a header image and upload it (with a tiny snippet of a css file) and automagically do a tiny little customization per blogger. Cool eh? A couple of my header images are from free sources. The match and the naked lady I made because I could, but wow you can find like a million of em. There's even a bit of php that'll make color-gradienting headers on the fly for ya.

I'll have to dig up a 1.10.3 installation to see what it says about the various options for URL paths. Maybe that'll help me understand why I have the relative option checked.

3 Mar 15, 2008 17:44

davidhw wrote:

- have the .htaccess file working (done)

EdB wrote:

I use stub files is the thing

I'm gonna guess that your .htaccess rewrites everything to index.php .... in which case, change them to "absolute url" ;)


4 Mar 15, 2008 18:01

¥åßßå wrote:

I'm gonna guess that your .htaccess rewrites everything to index.php .... in which case, change them to "absolute url" ;)

Yes, its just the sample.htaccess with the last lines un-hashed.

OK - so that 'relative to Base URL' is just for stub files, then? I want to get rid of the .php stuff, so I'll use the absolute url.

Thanks :)

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