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1 Mar 16, 2008 03:14    

My b2evolution Version : 2.4.0 RC

Hi all - i'm newbie here
My new installation is b2evo 2.4, has multiple blogs and multiple registered users. I use all defaults - no hack at all.
My users automatically become Bloggers after registered.

My problem is simple : how to allows those bloggers to create their own folders and upload their files into those folders.

I have a test user.
As admin, I gave him all kind of possible privileges to Media folder: upload, read, write and yet he does NOT see Browse, Upload or Create Folder in upload form.

As Admin i made him Owner/Moderator of a blog, as yet he cannot upload files to that blog.

My final test is to make him Administrator.
Voila, he can do every thing, including installing widgets !!

Please advise a better way.

Tv at

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