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1 Mar 16, 2008 12:43    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Dear all
when me and my blog members are login through backoffice
they are able to log in

but when they just simply login unable to login

plz help...........

Saurabh jain

2 Mar 16, 2008 13:02

Hey that's looking pretty good!

Please explain what conditions a member can not log in under. Sorry, but I don't understand what you're saying. If I understand correctly, people CAN log in via the link provided. Where else ... or under what other method would you expect login to happen that is not working correctly?

Or do you mean that they are not getting in to the back office when they log in?

Please, clarify a little bit and I'm sure we'll figure it out with you.

3 Mar 16, 2008 13:04

Crack open conf/_basic.config.php and change your $baseurl :

$baseurl = '';


4 Mar 16, 2008 13:26

My base url is

and its fine.............


i am able to login by pressing login back office button............

and then it work fine..............

but when i just press login button it was not logging me in...............

5 Mar 16, 2008 13:34

Okay what happens when you click "Log in!" from that page? When I do it on my blog I get taken to the main page of the blog, but I most certainly am logged in. I can tell that because the "login" link in my sidebar changes to "logout" and I have a link to my "profile" and to "admin". Also I have my evobar, and only logged in people see that.

If you are not going to your blog's primary page then I would agree with ¥åßßå (which is always a good idea by the way ;) ) and suspect something about the difference between your $baseurl and what you actually consider the base url of your blog installation. By this I mean you are using as "home", but if $baseurl is and that is where "Log in!" is taking you then ... there you go!

6 Apr 01, 2008 16:36


Thanks for your bit about conf/_basic.config.php and changing the $baseurl :

I had a problem where I couldn't log in using the Log In on the default blog.
However I could log in via the name of the blog in the header.

I noticed that the Log in on the nav bar went to:
whereas the ones in the nav bar went to :

You have to hover on the links, and check the status bar message, to see the difference.

I had the idea that the first URL was somehow wrong and found your post.

The problem was my $baseurk was = '';
instead of ''; for the subdomain.

Thanks a lot everyone.

7 Apr 01, 2008 19:07

Having the wrong $baseurk will bite yah every time :roll:

Glad it helped ;)


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