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1 Mar 19, 2008 17:08    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Hi - I am having trouble adding users to a blog I created...

Steps taken:

1. Created a new user and placed them in the "Bloggers" group
2. Created a new blog with the description, etc... Made the blog "owner" both the user I created and also tried the master admin (which is what all others are set at)

However, I when I go to the "Blog Settings" tab for this new blog, I do not get the User/Group Permissions tab to be able to add that user (and the master admin to the blog). I am logged in as administrator. Tabs are viewable for all other blogs - this is the first new blog I've created from a recent upgrade from .9x -> 2.4x

I feel like I'm missing something really basic here - any help or suggestions for things I should check?

2 Mar 19, 2008 17:49

Blog settings, pick a blog, features sub-tab: check the "Use advanced perms" box. Be held. Or is it 'be hold'. One of those is the way they say it.

3 Mar 19, 2008 18:13

Thanks for the prompt reply EdB - dunno how I missed that.

(Actually, I had a bit of an "accidental" upgrade yesterday - was working with a test DB and went and got the latest stable ver and accidentally put in our current blog DB and ran the upgrade routine - DOH! SO I've been scrambling around to implement some of the hacks we had in the old one to the new system. Fortunately I was 90% of the way there when it happened!)

I'll have to look around to see if there's anyway to have certain defaults set on those settings pages to make it slightly easier on our editors - thanks again!

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