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1 Jun 11, 2004 13:35    

I'm using preview version 6, and none of my posts are recorded. The pings are sent sucessfully, but nothing is entered into the database. Comments and tackbacks are recorded though.

2 Jun 11, 2004 16:22

posts are recorded but don't show up. I'm working on it.

3 Jun 11, 2004 16:59

ugly bug. Sorry about that.

Please download this file:

and copy _class_db.php into /b2evocore

posying will work again.

If you want to enable your posts that don't show up, you need to use phpmyadmin, fond the posts IDs and their category ID in to evo_posts table and then add the matching tuples to evo_postcats.

Maybe it's easier to copy the text out of phpmysql and repost it.
In this case, you can delete the old hidden posts from the DB to keep it clean.

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