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1 Mar 29, 2008 21:53    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

I am trying to get my blog to look the same way as it did before upgrading.
Everything went smooth, but suddenly a link showed up where it wasn't before.

Please have a look at this:

It is the link showing between the tittle of the post and "By: Michae Johansen".

I haven't placed it there in my text. Where do it come from, and how do I remove it again?


2 Mar 29, 2008 22:24

In the Write a Post area ( Expert Tab ) the top field is Title. The next filed is Link to URL field.
What you are seeing is the implementation of that Link to URL field being implemented.

If you don't want it there, try editing the post and making that field empty.

3 Mar 29, 2008 23:04

You are right an yet not.

Before the tittle area acted link this:

<a href=""></a>

It was an integrated part of the tittle.

Now it acts like:

<a href=""></a>
Link: <a href=""></a>

It is now a separate line.

What have I done to force this difference??


4 Mar 29, 2008 23:14

Check your settings in "Blog Settings" -> URLs

I'm no expert with these settings but you might find a solution especially playing with the "extra path" settings.

I'm assuming you upgraded from 1.10 and there is a lot more smarts and therefore choices in the new version.

5 Mar 29, 2008 23:54

I'm afraid the solution is a lot more complex than settings, although there is a setting that will allow linking the title to the "link to URL" field.

By default, v2.* will automagically link the title to the permalink no matter what you have in the Link to URL field - which to me is quite absurd. (a) I have a permalink for my permalinks. (b) I put something in the "link to URL" field because I want my title linked to it. This much can be corrected with a setting, found under Blog settings -> pick a blog -> SEO. There will be drawbacks to selecting "Link to the "link to URL" specified in the post (if any)" but I don't recall what they are right now.

The only place the contents of "Link to URL" shows up now is at the top of the body of a post. Another silly idea implemented without thought IMHO, and not something that can be overcome with a setting. Fortunately it can be removed by editing a skin file. You will need to find

		// URL link, if the post has one:
		$Item->url_link( array(
				'before'        => $params['before_url_link'],
				'after'         => $params['after_url_link'],
				'text_template' => '$url$',
				'url_template'  => '$url$',
				'target'        => '',
				'podcast'       => '#',        // auto display mp3 player if post type is podcast (=> false, to disable)
			) );

in whatever file it happens to be in for your skin. I found it in skins/ but if your skin has that file then you have to edit skins/yourskin/ to get 'er done. The mission here is to simply remove that bit, but always always always back up what you hack into (of course).

Oh yeah I remember now. If you tell it to not link the title to the permalink and you want to use the ministats plugin then the ministats plugin won't link to the permalink. It depends on settings being exactly what they are at default is the thing. To get titles to link to the "Link to URL" field or nothing AND get the ministats to link to the permalink of any given post is hack city. Fortunately it's all in the skin - where all good hacking belongs.

Hope it helps!

6 Mar 30, 2008 01:47

Thank you. I did as explained by EdB, and it has solved the problem.

Funny thing is, that the upgrade didn't change to this behaver until I tried clicking at one of those funny pictures in the SEO. Snap and there was no return.

I agree. It does seem as a rather silly implementation.
Boy I'm happy that there are people willing to help.

Michael :D

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