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1 Mar 30, 2008 12:28    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Version 2.4.1

Hi there,
Sorry if this has already been covered but I couldnt find it.

Just did a test to see if the antispam feature worked.

It worked fine when inserting a spam address into either the text of a new post, via the ahref button or in a comment. It came up with the error statements about spam etc.

I was however surprised to see that inserting a spam address into the 'Link to URL' field whilst posting went through with out any notices. This is concerning if members are allowed to post.

Is this known? is there a fix or setting?

2 Mar 30, 2008 22:00

This is a correction to a long-standing problem that may have gone a little further than desired. Time was when you could not post a Link to URL that would have been blocked if it came in as a comment URL, meaning you couldn't link to a real blogspot since .blogspot. is a keyword. Or Link to URL a funny story about spam if it contained something like -viagra- because that is (I'm pretty sure) a keyword.

Back in the day people wanted an option to bypass the blockade because when you're a blogger on the system that means you have permission to post stuff so how come you can't post stuff?

I do not know if there is an option to restore the blockade against posting something that would have been blocked if it was a comment. That doesn't mean it's not there: just that I haven't seen it anywhere yet. But hey if you don't trust your bloggers to not link to actual spam sites why give them permission to post?

Personally I'm bummed to hear it still blocks links in post text given that it doesn't block links in the Link to URL field.

3 Mar 30, 2008 22:14

Thanks for a good explanation, I do agree with everything you say but I just thought if you are blocking it in the post text, then surely you should be blocking it in the link to url field as this is where people would try and include it first.
I didn't realise it was a feature that was actually asked for, sounds crazy then that it wasn't made an option. If you haven't found it yet then I don't think anyone has. It should be a check box in the admin area if anywhere.

You cant really trust any new member that would be allowed to post until they have proved themselves. By then it could be too late. Normally a security feature is a prevention!

4 Mar 30, 2008 22:30

Agreed on the diff between post body and Link to URL field, but as to trusting new members...

Remember YOU gave them permission to post, so hey it's on you if you should not have done that. Like for example if you put new registrants into a group that can post into blogs and have open registration, well, you've set up posting by anyone and their brother out there in the wilds.

Anyway yeah it seems what's in the Link to URL field and a URL in the post body should be treated the same, meaning either blocked or allowed. In a perfect world it would be "blocked unless ID#1 says certain members can post 'spam-like' stuff" but hey they gotta save something to make the next release be better ;)

5 Mar 30, 2008 22:46

:oops: :lol:

You win. Just as a side not, I have just looked at (out of curiosity as I have never done so before) the demo of hahem shhh - wordpress. Yeah I know sorry, but I have decided overall it = pants compared to b2e. Graphically the admin area is nicer but settings and functionality at least on the default install is skeleton.

Can we have the option of turning on/off the link to url antispam feature added to 2.4.2? if not before ;)

6 Mar 30, 2008 23:04

sims wrote:

... Can we have the option of turning on/off the link to url antispam feature added to 2.4.2? if not before ;)

Sounds like something to post about in the feature request forum! I'm my only blogger and am pretty comfortable with quickly getting past the few limits I bump into, so it's not really on my wish list yah? But hey for sure it'd be a feature request that multi-blogger installations would probably appreciate.

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