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1 Mar 31, 2008 23:13    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x


Here is the latest in my long list of questions.

I have noticed that when you click on one of my blog posts directly all the sidebar ads disappear. They are all there when my blog is called up directly.

Is there a way to get these sidebar ads to show up when the blog is called up by individual post.

I apologize if the solution to this is easy and has been discussed before.

Thanks again in advance,




2 Mar 31, 2008 23:41

The first issue I see is that the following generates a wider metadata div in single post view.

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The skin is pretty tight running with in reality 4 columns

You may need to make the meta data div a fixed width.

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3 Apr 01, 2008 05:06

Thanks for the response, John?

Where would I do that?

4 Apr 01, 2008 06:13

Well, the more I investigated the more I found out.

It seems Afwas designed this skin so that there were NO sidebars in the single post view !!!!

Maybe he has a version that does include the sidebars?

5 Apr 01, 2008 06:18

Damn...It would be cool if he did.

Thanks for your investigations. I wonder if it can be tampered with on my end?

6 Apr 01, 2008 06:48

I don't have a copy of that skin so I'm not sure how he has it set up for single post

I would look and see if you have a file named and if you do, simply copy the sidebar call from index.main.php into it.

It looks something like this... but remember there will be two of them in that skin.

// ------------------------- SIDEBAR INCLUDED HERE --------------------------
skin_include( '' );
// Note: You can customize the default BODY footer by copying the
// file into the current skin folder.
// ----------------------------- END OF SIDEBAR -----------------------------

7 Apr 01, 2008 21:49

I'm going to try this. Everyone cross their fingers.

8 Apr 01, 2008 22:52

Hey John,

That worked.

I took one of the side bars from the right side. To get the left side adsense unit I just added a new adsense unit. LOL. I should have thought of that first.

Of course the margins aren't perfect on the right side, but that would take more skin modding.

I am fairly satisfied for today.

Thanks for the tip, John. I'd give you rep, but I already did.


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