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How does the 'Redirected' option work?

Started by on Apr 03, 2008 – Contents updated: Apr 03, 2008

Apr 03, 2008 07:58    

My b2evolution Version: 2.4.1

Can't find an answer in the manual or on the forum so wondered if someone could help.

Silly question I guess (if you know the answer).

How does the 'Redirected' option work when making a post?

What does it do and how do you set it up?


Apr 04, 2008 20:15

Just so you don't think nobody's read this

No idea


Apr 04, 2008 20:20

Oh thanks, glad it's not just me then :lol:

P.S Thanks for your hard work RE: Related posts & common Tags.

Apr 04, 2008 22:21

Actually this question made me try it out to see ... and nothing I wanted it to do happened. The code makes it look like it will repoint the page to the "Link to URL" field value, but if you pick that status then the post is not published so it doesn't show up as either a post or a page. My thought was to make a post with the full URL to a ?disp=page type of page, then post it as "type = page" so that it would show up in my page list AND redirect to the disp=page page. No good. Because it's not published.

So, to get back to your question, until someone stumbles onto what it actually does I'll say it's a "feature with no identifiable use". Something forward-looking by the dev team that sneaked onto the page for some reason?

Apr 05, 2008 01:34

What is t does :
IF the link of that post is mentioned somewhere (in google or in an other post.. you can put a new link in 'link URL'
when you click on 'rederected, it acts like you have put a redirected in your .htaccess.
Since I moved quite a lot of posts to another blog, this came in very very very handy for me.

Apr 05, 2008 06:41

That does sound plausible, but how would there be a link for that post elsewhere when you haven't actually created the post yet? or have I mis-undersood?.

Would this be something to use as you edit a previously published post that has been listed somewhere else? If so, doesn't this affect your published post - probably make it disappear?

Surely redirecting to a page elsewhere (lets take google for an example) that 'mentions' your post is a bit crazy as when you then click on the link to your post via google it is going to start the redirect again and you'll be going round in circles won't you?

Is it possible you could give a quick example of the process? I'm just confusing myself here.

Apr 05, 2008 12:49

offcourse you only use it with 'old' post

My post about recepes have been around on my blog for years.
I had a 'category' food'
But that was so succesfull that 1.5 yeas ago, I started a cooking blog all by it own (with a different domainname)
So all recepes should idealy be on that blog, and not longer on my general blog.
since some of those posts have hight google rankings, since some of those posts are mentioned on other pages - not mine! - it can not simple delete those post and recreate them on the other blog.

So what do I actually do ?
I just create a new post with the exact same content (or not up to you).
I copy/paste this new permalink that nobody know yet
On the old blog, I put this new permalink in the link URL and choose 'redirected'.
The 'old' post about mayonaise is no longer on my general blog.
But if you find the link to that old post, you get rederected to the new URL of 'mayonaise'.
I don't loose visitors, and I can clean up my blog from 'food' related articles.
In the backoffice that old post is still there (yellow) but in the front, nobody sees it. It's ab it like 'deprecated' but with a special function

It's all about 'not lossing visitors, not putting your visitors in a 'this posts does not exist' mode.

Does that makes more sence ?

I could do it by putting all those urls 301 in htacces manually, but why would I do it ?

Apr 05, 2008 16:02

That makes perfect sense, thank you for explaining it so well. It is obviously a useful feature, I just wonder how you found out/worked out how to use it!!

How would be go about getting this useful information included in the manual? as it is obviously not that well known.

Thanks for all your help.

Apr 05, 2008 16:06

sims wrote:

It is obviously a useful feature, I just wonder how you found out/worked out how to use it!!

I had the 'need' long before the feature was included in the release.
That's how I figured out very quickly that it just did what I hoped it would do.

Apr 05, 2008 16:39

Thank you, good work and done so quickly. I think there should also be a link or explanation about that here:

As this is where the option is found and if you don't know what you are looking it is too hard to find.
I'm sure I couldn't even find it while searching the manual but I have no problem now.

Thanks for the help.

Apr 05, 2008 17:57

Damn you are good.
That should make life easier for a lot of people.

I'll even remember how to find it when I cant remember how it is supposed to work. :lol:

Aug 09, 2009 16:11

now if somebody could correct my broken english, then it would even be better ;)
(I just reread my answer... awfull, and then I only sees the errors that I see)

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