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how user can create his own blog?

Started by on Apr 03, 2008 – Contents updated: Apr 03, 2008

Apr 03, 2008 09:50    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


My first message here.

With a friend, we have project to create a multi-blogs portal. So, for that we discovered B2evolution. It's about what we want but...

It's two last days, we try to do something we don't find any answer in the forum.
So, what we want it's new user, after registeration, can create by him self his or their blogs. That, when he logs the first time, he can click on the link "Create new blog" in his Global Dashboard page. And where he can see and manage only his own blog and nothing else.

We have try to create different groups with different options and every time it was either to much permissions or not enough but never with this basic right to create his own blog.

How to do that? Thanks.


PS sorry for my English
PS last version of B2evolution (2.4.1)

Apr 03, 2008 13:59

Hi Laurent C. Welcome to the forums.

Straight out of the box, b2evolution does not do that. It is not meant to be something like blogger is why. It is, by design, YOUR multi-lingual multi-blog multi-blogger application, meaning the owner of each installation decides who gets what permissions in any and all existing blogs. I'm pretty sure the owner of the installation can set it up such that a blogger can create a blog, but not with a single click option.

A long LONG time ago there was a hack that gave people a blog upon registration. Then a long time ago someone else turned that hack into what was possibly the most popular plugin of all time. Now however no such option has been crafted out of aftermarket tools for the latest and greatest release. I've heard tell of it being "in the works" but I've no idea when such a thing will happen.


Apr 03, 2008 16:14

Thanks for the answer.

So, we will look if we can do our own hack or something else.
If it's successful, we post here.

Apr 03, 2008 17:56

I saw this one already but the plug-in is no more on-line.

Apr 03, 2008 19:28

Congrats! You've found both the hack and the plugin that used to do this type of thing, but both are for older versions and both are apparently gone. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of "autoblog" laying around to share because, basically, I toss stuff I no longer need.

Perhaps someone will come along with a copy of it?

If they do please be aware it was for a much older version and simply won't work with 2.* releases.

Apr 03, 2008 20:51

Hi Ed

Nice to have something else to talk about :)

If I'd want such a thing I'd try and hack it a bit for the fun, but i'm not that desperate yet. I've got this widget with the register option to sort out.


Apr 03, 2008 21:09

@amoun: you should start up a new thread to cover issues with the registration thing. I thought once you had registration enabled, even though it doesn't look great in all possible locations, that you were okay with it.

@Laurent C.: I'm pretty sure someone is working on autoblog for v2.* but if you do start on it please share your needs and concerns here in the "plugin support" forum. There are a few of us who can give you some pointers along the way based on our understanding of b2evolution's plugin system yah?

"Autoblog" was that author's first contribution and WOW what a winner! Sadly the author has moved on, so it is unsupported. So anyway if two people are working on the same thing the worst that can happen is we see two methods of getting the job done. Even though it goes way outside the 'by design' scope of b2evolution, it sure is something that people wanted and want.

Apr 03, 2008 22:53

Yes, thanks Ed. I'll look into how other people have this registration issue sorted and make a new thread on it.


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