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1 Jun 13, 2004 15:58    

#headfunctions {
	margin-top: .5ex;
	margin-right: 1ex;
	color: #ffffff;

For the CSS style above, how do I set it the link, visited and hover attributes?


2 Jun 13, 2004 16:08

#headfunctions {
   margin-top: .5ex;
   margin-right: 1ex;
   color: #ffffff;

#headfunctions a:link {link stuff;}

#headfunctions a:hover {hover stuff;}

#headfunctions a:active {active stuff;}

#headfunctions a:visited {visited stuff;}

3 Jun 13, 2004 16:26

Hey cool, works, great, thanks! :lol:

4 Sep 20, 2004 08:04

I've recently moved from a WPC skin to a b2evo skin and have made great strides in customizing the style sheet to match my intended design. However, while everything looks great in Explorer on my PC, on my partner's Mac there is no border around the sidebar. I don't see any difference in the way I've styled the border for the sidebar versus the posts, but his Mac is displaying the border around the posts div just fine. Can anybody validate my CSS and take a peek and figure out what's up?



5 Sep 20, 2004 11:07

[url=]valid doesn't mean functional[/url] It only means 'valid'. IE does bad things with good code is the problem, which is why they say design for a good browser then tweak stuff to a bad one.

I see the same lack of border on Mozilla. I took a look at your css file and sort of wonder how it knows what color border to make, but in both main and sidebar (or whatever they were called) you lack a color statement so I doubt it's related. You do change the order of the size and nature - in one case you say "1px" before you say "solid" and in the other you reverse the order.

Dunno if it matters or not but it's worth a shot. Also check it out as one line. "border: 1px solid white" or you can use #FFFFFF for color. Here's another neat thing to check out: In the view menu change your font size. In IE on PC your dots for your ULs grew but in MZ on PC everything got really big. I haven't got a clue how that happens but I think it's got something to do with how you define font sizes (and I'm assuming you've done that in there - I didn't look at fonts when I was looking at borders).

One other thing. Do you have a difference in where the sidebar shows up relative to the rest of the page? In MZ I'm seeing it much closer to the right side of your bordered big-box. Maybe a clue? Again it might be the order of your definitions, but it could also be something to do with using ems or exs or pxs for pushing stuff around. Do some poking around in here for Isaac-posts. He's got all kinds of good stuff about browser-specific hacks in css.

6 Sep 20, 2004 15:52

Thanks Edb.

Yeah, when I was defining the margins with px's, it was centered in IE/PC and moved left on the Mac. When I changed that definition to ex's, it went the other way, centered on the Mac and moved left on the PC. I figured the Mac view needed so much help, I would let it keep the centered alignment and worry about fixing it on the PC later (the leftish placecement doesn't look so bad to me, anyway).

I'll follow up on your other observations and see how far they get me.



7 Sep 20, 2004 19:31

There is something aboutr child selectors that most browsers are hip to but IE can't handle that you might want to play with. Something like this:

/*  page header */
div.pageHeader {
width: 730px;
/* for not-IE */
body>div.pageHeader {
width: 750px;

You gotta be one level away from the child to make it work, so like if your whole page was wrapped in a "div.wrapper" then body>pageHeader is no good. You would do div.wrapper>div.pageHeader. I've been tinkering with it a lot to get old skins to behave like they are supposed to be valid css/xhtml, and sometimes it doesn't seem to do anything. Not sure why. Not sure what it's all about. Seems to work though!

8 Sep 21, 2004 15:58

Thanks, EdB.

Just keep your pearls of wisdom coming, and I'll experiment with them when I get a chance.



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