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1 Apr 22, 2008 17:39    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I've been trying to create a user profile for my Boss, so that she can read/add/edit/upload files/change timestamps/view stats/ to either of our two blogs (one in english, one in spanish). But I don't want to give her full admin access, because i'm afraid she might accidently change something in the Blog Settings or Global Settings. (These settings are similar to what I gave my mom on her website-- enough to play with the cool stuff, but not enough that she has to worry about where she clicks, afraid she might mess something up).

I thought I was getting somewhere with the "Advanced" tab in User Perms and Group Perms- and I tried making her a "Privileged blogger" (no luck), a privileged blogger with higher access level (5-6) (no luck), and then to an Administrator (nope), then an Administrator with a low & high levels (nothing). All the while, it would seem like I had created the right mix, with the Advanced tab - checking off those boxes, yes she's a member, can edit All Posts, read write and view media files, etc. But as soon as i log in to test the profile, i can't even view the dashboard! (just the b2 bar on top, basically letting me logout or go to the homepage).

Plus, the 1-10 user levels are confusing me because the Documentation says they're being phased out...

What's going on here? thanks!

--I'm using 2.4.0 Venetian--

2 Apr 22, 2008 17:47

Have you enabled the advanced settings and made the boss a member of the actual blog you want her in?

I do not know how to set up the permissions you want, but if a logged in registered user doesn't see any blogs it is because they do not have permission to post in that blog. Permission to post starts with enabling the advanced features of a blog and making the registered user be a member of a blog.

So like 100 registered users might be a member of only one blog each, and 10 registered users might be a member of all the blogs.

Hope it helps!

3 May 04, 2008 04:23

I managed to get the permissions i wanted by doing the simple thing: Adding my boss as a "Blogger".

I guess I had assumed it would be easier to make her a "privileged blogger", but despite all the permissions I enabled for her, she didnt have any access.

So when I changed her to a regular Blogger, (level 6), and adjusted her "User Perms" (for each blog, separately), everything worked perfectly.

Conclusions: 1- Still dont know what a privileged blogger is/how it works, and 2- my boss was pretty excited when i showed her how to use the blog-- she was proud of herself for getting the hang of it so fast.

thanks for your help, EdB.

4 May 04, 2008 04:47

priviliged bloggers is just a pre-defined group with more permissons, instead of using default bloggers or priv blog. group you can create your own with many details.cheers

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