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1 Apr 24, 2008 18:37    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

It looks really good but where do I install sub categories.

If this doen't have them - I'll need to go back to the newest that does have them.


MajorHart :-/

2 Apr 24, 2008 18:50

When you make a category you should have a drop-down box for "Parent category". Root will make it a top level category, and anything else will make it a child of whatever you select.

3 Apr 24, 2008 19:00

Thanks much - what does it mean when it asks for a url name

4 Apr 24, 2008 19:04

what is it wanting and where do I get it?

Used for clean URLs. Must be unique. The url name is invalid.

5 Apr 24, 2008 19:22

the category url-name must be unique..
so, just fill in a unique name for each categorie..

7 Apr 25, 2008 01:00

MajorHart wrote:

Topanga wrote:

the category url-name must be unique..
so, just fill in a unique name for each categorie..

how - in what mode?


I tried and it refused it.


you cant use "-" or space, just try to use normal characters, enter "ebook" or instance..

8 Apr 25, 2008 01:27

It's actually that easy - you give it good old fashioned plain text, but it is, sadly, not that straightforward.

For example if you use "ebook" then you can't use it again in any blog. Also for some reason you can't use only numbers. I mean, you can but it won't work when a visitor clicks on the category link assuming you have clean URLs enabled (because that is where the url name will be used). Also for some reason when you upgrade it autofills "cNN" where NN is the category number, but you can't use that yourself and if you edit a category name it won't allow you to keep that.

So probably the best bet to avoid headaches down the road is to use a combination of text and a number. Like "ebook8" where 8 is for example the blog number that a category called "ebook" is in.

It's totally sloppy. It needs a LOT of help. It should autofill SOMETHING for you. Maybe you get to pick the format of the autofill in a global setting or something. And for sure when it makes "c104" then tells me I'm not allowed to have "c104" there is a major problem going on. I should hack it but I am way behind on like 84 different projects :'(

9 Apr 25, 2008 07:09

It took the short madeup name - but it also displayed the new subcategory right there with all the other main categories.

When I ciick on the parent category for this new subcat - there is nothing there.

If there's not a solution to this - I'm going to go back to the latest version that had the categories and subcategories. I have to have those.

Do you know what version that is?

It's too bad because this program looks very good - but I must have that feature.

Thanks much MajorHart

10 Apr 25, 2008 09:44

2.4.1 has that too, showing categories and subcatagories..
So I guess I just don't undertand what the real problem is.
Whatever your problem is now, b2evo has the solution to it, whitout you have to go back or hack something

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