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1 Apr 25, 2008 19:51    

My b2evolution Version: 2.4.x

I've just discovered a problem I'm having on my other websites (same server) now that I've installed the blog code. I'm using a php/javascript code to display an rss feed as a news ticker on a few of my other websites. Now it is just showing a message that the feeds can no longer be found. I'll update this thread as I find out what is going on.

2 Apr 25, 2008 21:50

It was setting allow_url_fopen to Off in the php.ini file that disabled my php/javascript ticker.

3 Apr 25, 2008 23:27

You might like to consider changing your ticker code that you use, it *really* shouldn't rely on url fopen


4 Apr 28, 2008 21:54

Yeah, I thought about that. I'm going to be doing redesigns on most of our sites this summer so I'll probably just get rid of the ticker but still let folks subscribe to the feeds. I just had the tickers there to fill space pretty much any way.

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