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1 May 09, 2008 16:37    

My b2evolution Version: 2.4.2

I am trying to post to my Baby blog, so I actually posted the word "sex" and when I tried to Preview it, it gave me this error:

Illegal content found: blacklisted word «-sex.»
(Note: To get rid of the above validation warnings, you can deactivate unwanted validation rules in your Group settings.)

I have gone to the Group settings but it all looks like greek to me. I was expecting to see an easy word list where I could "allow" words but I only see stuff for XHTML validation and stats permissions, etc. - none of which look like what I might need.

This has happened before with other words, but I just decided not to deal with it and rewrite my post. But I really want to get this figured out.


2 May 10, 2008 13:48

Tools tab, antispam subtab. Filter for "sex" and click the green checkmark next to the blacklisted term. BTW did it actually block "sex" or did it block "-sex." which is what I think shows up in the keyword list?

3 May 10, 2008 14:07

THANK YOU! Now, why couldn't the error link direct you to that page instead? :)

You know, thinking back, I think it was -sex, but I just thought that it put a - before the word for the heck of it, LOL. What is the purpose of the - ? Do spammers always use those or something?

ETA: Interesting. The text says

Any URL containing one of the following keywords will be banned from posts, comments and logs.

If a keyword restricts legitimate domains, click on the green tick to stop banning with this keyword.

But it doesn't do just URLs, it does ALL text.

4 May 10, 2008 14:19

Dunno why it doesn't link to it. I'm quite happy that it finally tells you the bad word that blocked the post and would actually prefer it to allow me to bypass the filter, but that's ... I dunno what that is.

The purpose of the - is to NOT block the reasonably normal word "sex" but still block lots of spammy domains. Like hot-sex.whatever and so on and so forth. Generally speaking, words are just words. The keyword list was (initially primarily) designed to block spammers from promoting their junk in your comments, and has also always been applied to new post content. This would stop someone from registering, getting permission to post, then posting links to 'bad' sites even without bad intentions. Figure it this way: why should a blogger on your system give ANY link-love to a spam site even if it is not intentional? And that should pretty much address the edit portion yah?

BTW -sex. blocks HUNDREDS of spammy domain names. Nowhere near as many as blocks, but still - literally - hundreds of reported domains are blocked by that one keyword. Leading and trailing punctuation helps minimize the risk of blocking normal natural text yah? Obviously it can happen, but the choice between hundreds of extra keywords or the very rare blockage of legitimate text was pretty easy ;)

EDIT: Oh yeah it is a text filter in reality to capture the spammer who tries to get around the method by typing a comment that says something like "Thank you and you should visit my site at" - which MIGHT get them traffic from someone who copy/pastes the text OR a search engine that indexes it.

5 May 10, 2008 14:33

That all makes sense, thanks.

I must have had a typo when I first tried to post, because----ah, wait. I had typed something like "blah blah blah---sex after dinner---blah blah blah" so my dashes are what did it.

I will go put the -sex back now, since I can get away from using it in between dashes to hopefully save on spammings. :)

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