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1 May 12, 2008 03:45    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I'm confused about uploading non-image files. I can upload a file, "link" it to a post, but:

Cannot post «myfile.pdf» because it is not an image.

Same thing happens with Word .doc files.

1. First check> Global settings > File types> see my list of 15 or so file types, including .doc, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, etc. All of them are unlocked, except html and php files, and other than those they all look the same.

2. I can upload a file (image .pdf whatever) and 1st i click the "paperclip" icon next to the file i want and get:

Selected file has been linked to item.

But it doesnt appear in my post. So what is "linking" for if it doesnt link to the file? personal reference?

So then i go back, check the file's checkbox, click "Make Posts" (from within the post I want) and i get a big thumbs down:

Cannot post «myfile.pdf» because it is not an image.

Why, if .pdf and .doc are in my File Types list, and i can upload them, can I not POST them to my posts?? PS I have no problem when i post image files, but id like to post documents, too.

any clues? where am i going wrong? anyone else had this problem?

2 May 12, 2008 17:13

This is a case of bad semantics applied.

When you are writing your post you can hit the "Files" button to get the file manager in a popup, then check the box next to your pdf file, then click (believe it or not) "make img tag" or something like that and it will provide a link to the file even though it is not an image. The "linked files" feature is specifically for images - and only images. It works much like the "Make posts" feature when you are on your file manager tab: it puts an image into your post that will be properly resized for the skin you are using assuming your skin has the right bits of code in it. BUT as you've discovered (or almost possibly nearly discovered) it is only for images.

So the thing that doesn't say "img" is for images only and the thing that does say "img" is for every type of file you might want to have linked in a post. And the thing that says "linked" is for images that are embedded but not files that are accessible via a link. :roll:

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