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1 May 13, 2008 12:40    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Sorry if it's already been covered (I did search).

I've just upgraded from 2.4.0 to 2.4.2 and can't put links in my comments.

coonf/_formatting.php doesn't seem to have any of the old options anymore. Where do I turn on links? I'm sure I had to do this for 2.4.0 too but I can't remember.

The only way I seem to be able to get round this is to disable XHTML validation in comments in conf/_formatting.php

I don't like this. I want to validate comments for XHTML, but this function or option is clearly doing more than XHTML validation.

2 May 13, 2008 13:25

Try looking through the following....
inc -> xhtml_validator ->

// DEFINITION of allowed XHTML code for COMMENTS (posted from the public blog pages)

Not sure about it but there is a lot of info there that can be tweaked

3 May 13, 2008 14:29

Thanks, I think that's exactly what I was looking for.

All that stuff used to be in conf/_formatting.php

4 May 13, 2008 15:56

Let us know if you fixed it and what you tweaked if you did :)

5 May 13, 2008 16:27

It is fixed, thanks.

It's the same fix applied to older versions just in a different file.

The bit to look for is:

$comments_allowed_tags += array
	'ins' => $C_E_Flow,
	'del' => $C_E_Flow,
	'a' => $C_E_a_content,  // Allowing this will call for a whole lot of comment spam!!!
	'span' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'bdo' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'br' => '',
	'em' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'strong' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'dfn' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'code' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'samp' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'kbd' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'var' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'cite' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'abbr' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'acronym' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'q' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'sub' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'sup' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'tt' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'i' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'b' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'big' => $C_E_Iinline,
	'small' => $C_E_Iinline,

To find this section just do a search in the file for "comment spam".

The line for 'a' is commented out by default. I've found it safe to ignore the warning about spam though, as long as I have the catpcha plugin I get f**k all spam on my b2evo blog.

6 May 13, 2008 16:34

Thanks for that... might be of value to some others

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