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1 May 15, 2008 20:18    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I just recently moved hosts.

Im still rather new at this... so, something seems a bit off. I copied my database from my previous host to my new host. I copied it into a blank DB, and linked the blog to said DB.

All links, comments, content, stats, etc are ALL there.

However, when I go to make a post, none of the buttons in the write section work. Bold, italic, more seperator, link, etc.

Any idea why, and is it fixable?

2 May 15, 2008 20:48

oh, and Im using b2evolution 2.4.1

3 May 15, 2008 21:01

Are you sure you have all the blog files on your new server.
I would suggest that you download a full copy of 2.4.2 and compare all your folders and files with the new download.

Seems like a JS file or an Admin file is missing...

4 May 15, 2008 21:16

Ill try upgrading to newest version, that should fill in anything Im missing I would hope.

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